Digital Photography My learning Journal October 1986

First class

First of all when starting searching for hidden faces i could not see faces anymore in no place after finishing i see faces everywhere... Unfortunally lightroom CC is not compatible with window 7 i have two PCs one window 7 one window 10 most of the time i prefer window 7 and this class i did using lightroom classic. I took my images with a digital camera imported them to lightroom (took me a long time to figure out how to get them into lightroom) and very fast switched to edit in photoshop... I find lightroom very confusing the settings are like camera raw but less structured. I guess its a matter to what you are used. I hope in the end of this course i will finally like lightroom. Main changes i made i cut all images to squares to take out the face and i adjusted some contrast to make the face better, Some of the faces are really hidden and i guess not everybody will see them. I found in the internet tests to see hidden things and its different for anyone and depends on how much imagination you have. The layout of the images i did in Indesign after trying to load them in a grid on spark . Unfortunately Spark does with the images what it wants and does not keep the squares. Again i found the photo grid option very usefulness. I hope in future Spark will offer a better grid option that will keep the original proportion of each pic and not cut them.

My hidden faces from the date Packing house in our kibbutz

Second Class

After the really inspiring class of Ross in the Australian session i decided to take images in the mirror. First i just took one that shows me taking the image in the mirror then i took images reflecting me in a window that was closed with a dirty roller shutter that gives quit nice effects. After this i played with flash effects and i splashed water on the mirror the water adds a kind of structure and give some nice effects. Light room CC is much easier then Lightroom classic. And the settings are like in Photoshop camera raw. I played with exposure, black and white , white balance, clarity and tried out all in general. I want to learn also how to use presets.

To choose one image as the one that shows me best i guess i need to choose the second one in the grid that is the reflection in the window with the roller shutter. I don t like to see myself on images and i like to stay hidden and not in the middle of the action. But i decided to take the big one below that is more what i want to be. I struggled a lot using a digital camera and it took me several month and still i am just able to use it in very general. In this image it looks like the water comes out of the camera and not me taking the image, i had to take several images in order to get this because of the position of the camera i don t see what i take i have to guess. I like the composition with the door left the water coming down from above and the splashes and still i can recognize my face but all is very soft. I like the kind of dirty old looking colors so for this i choose the colored version but there is a black and white too.

Some of the images i took
I choosed this one
or this one

Third class

We are in date harvest now and anybody here does pack dates. I took a few shots from the packing house included some sculptures people did out of dates. i do not like to arrange i like to find new views of old things. Arrange a still life and arrange people for taking pics reminds me my childhood when we had to stay still and smile for photos. Here are my still life pics all taken with phone (android) with the lightroom app and this app is amazing !!! My usually bad phone pics came out great just using the default selections of lightroom. I would like to learn more about getting better results on phone and how to work with lightroom there. My favorites are the dates from very close where you see the different colors and structure and its almost like a pattern. The dates give the image its own movement that is chaotic and structured in the same time like nature . The last two pics are cartons with foil reflecting the light. In lightroom i mainly worked with correcting white balance and dehaze.

Our Date Packing House

Class 4

Our beautiful desert

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world here all is still fine no war no dirt in the air quiet wild animals and a lots of space....Mostly we live from Dates so i took images from our dates in the background Jordan mountains the border is just 5 km from the dates! The Rest are Images from behind the kibbutz i go there with my dog (he is on one of the images) and my mountain bike every morning. This time of the year is not so good for taking images the air is dusty and not clear. In the winter we have imazing colors on the mountains they are called Hare Edom that means Red mountains and in the winter many times they are really read or violet. We have sunsets like from kitsch postcards...

I really enjoyed using my phoe with lightroom and getting the images straight there withour first searching the USB connect the camera and download. Next thing i will buy is a phone with a really good camera and then use only lightroom with phone. I just take pics there all editing is on desktop. I used lightroom for camera raw like editions and the dehaze did pop up the dusty air a lot! The develop mode in Lightroom is really good but all finer adjudications i do in Photoshop there is soooo much more options. I would like to have a course following this one how to use Photoshop and lightroom together! The sepia black and white effect was done in photoshop i could not find the presets in Lightroom. Anyhow i like to make effects not with presets.

Desert in color
Desrte look like old photos same as above i coose the reddish because it looks like copper and for 1000 of years our area was famous for copper For the date trees the to red did not work so i made it lighter

Final Panorama

My chosen image is a panorama that i did in Photoshop if there is in lightroom i did not find it. I took many images with my phone and according to a very wise advice i got once i shoot in Portraitmode! That makes it possible to get a higher image in general and less to fill. The new content aware fill in Photoshop 2019 is just amazing! So i cant chose lightroom to get something similar. Also my shadow and my dog got correct inside. It gives a good feeling of our landscape its so big that it almost looks a little rounded. I enjoyed this class a lot. And i will use light room in future but not as a main tool.

Panorama outside my kibbutz
same in sepia old photo style
Second panorama

Fifth Class

I really liked this lesson and Melissas Video and first time i understood what exposure really means . I don t like city and city lights so i played with the reflection of a strong lamp in water drops. Its water falling down producing waves. Playing with all settings was fum and i like the option to freeze a lot. Long exposure makes the water looking soft. When choosing a real small focal point and long exposure i can get interesting effect between sharp parts of the water and soft ones . I added preset filters and made some changes in development mode to get more contrast and interesting color. I did a few images of the full moon with long exposure. I did all images with a Camera not on Phone and developed in lightroom classic i found the use of presets there easier. Lightroom CC in general is much better but still there is some features that are better in classic. As with all apps in the Creative Cloud there is a tool for anything and each App has its best use. I always switch a lot between many Apps and also here in the end i used photoshop mainly to crop and optimize for web.

water and light
This two are my favorites
they show the contrast between focus and long exposure soft water

Final Reflection

In the beginning i thought i will take this course for fun without homework. I don t like so much to take photos but this changed during work. I like the easy way to take images with lightroom make correction and send per whats App to friends. Its very comfortable and the first App i will use a lot on Phone. I had no experience to lightroom. Always when i tried to use it i switched back to photoshop. But when starting the course and being in the life classes i really got excited and decided to finish the course like i should. Now in the end i can say for sure i like the new lightroom CC and will use it in future and i like the App on my phone to shoot in lightroom and get all straight to lightroom in desktop. That saves all the time to search the USB to get the images from the camera to make them visible to choose (Raw images many time don t show as image i used bridge for it in the past) so lightoom CC did jump over many time consuming steps. When i will buy a new phone i will choose one with a really good camera I think Google Pixel 3 but its still not available in Israel...and i need to check if the Adobe Apps work on it. Does somebody know? I want to switch to take images with the phone and lightroom. Thanks for this amazing class! Also as a non teaching person i got a lot of new ideas and learned things that will change my workflow in future. See you in the next....

AI Art from the two pics from this course

I found my task to explore AI Art versus human art. I recently posted a source in Adobe Learning materials about this task whats human art and whats artificial art. I took two images from this course and run them through this App to get an AI Image.

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