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On March 8, over 10,000 people crowded into the Diag at the University of Michigan to hear Senator Bernie Sanders, one of two current Democratic presidential candidates. With the Michigan Democratic primary on Tuesday, March 9, Sanders brought out his highest profile surrogates for what State Senator Jeff Irwin called the “watershed moment” of the nomination fight. Sanders won Michigan against all expectations in 2016, turning the campaign into a two-way race against Hillary Clinton. Both Sanders and former Vice-President Joe Biden hope to score a decisive victory in Michigan on Tuesday, which could easily catapult either candidate into a commanding delegate lead. Communicator staff has compiled some noteworthy quotes from the speakers at the rally.

Michelle Deatrick, an activist, poet and politician, spoke during the beginning of Sanders' rally.
"The climate crisis is upon us," Deatrick said. "You tell me who is the candidate who's committed to declaring a national climate emergency? Who is the only candidate with a plan and a timeline to transform our energy system to 100% sustainable by 2030 at the latest? Who is the only candidate to commit to shutting down the aging line five pipeline that's unnecessarily carrying fossil fuels under our Great Lakes? And tell me which candidate is the only one with an A plus rating from Greenpeace? Bernie Sanders. We the People need a climate president. Michigan, let’s win this for our children, our grandchildren and each other.”
Michigan Senator Jeff Irwin stands at a podium among a sea of Sander’s supporters. Confident that Sanders will the presidency, Irwin took the stage to endorse Sanders and urge people to vote.
“We've got a couple more days, and we've got some important work to do,” Irwin said. “So I want to ask every single one of you to reach out to your friends, reach out to your families. This primary on Tuesday is going to be the watershed moment in this race. It's going to be the moment where Bernie takes over and becomes a front runner. And we're going to be so excited to see Bernie stretch out his arms and become the leader that we all know this country needs.”

Yousef Rabhi is a State Representative serving his second term representing the 53rd house district. He spoke passionately about Sanders' campaign and the change this country needs.

“There are those who want America to return to normal," Rabhi said. "But normal is not good enough. We can do better in America. Because when things were normal, innocent families were still getting deported. When things were normal, black babies were still getting shot. When things were normal, climate change was plugging along. We can't afford normal.”
Rabhi finished his speech and exited the stage while the crowd held their posters high.
“It's not just America that's on the line with this election. It's the world. I think of all the innocent children, mothers [and] fathers who have died because American foreign policy failed this world time and time. Again, I want a president who understands that. I want a president who will stand up for people all over the world. Every corner of the planet deserve to be heard. We deserve a president that understands history that will stand for justice. Normal is not enough in America, we can do better.”
Abdul El-Sayed, 2018 Michigan primary candidate, told the crowd about why he supports Sanders.
“I stand with Bernie Sanders because Bernie Sanders recognizes it's not about me, it's about us," El-Sayed said. "I told [Sanders] about my grandmother in Egypt. A woman who never got the opportunity to go to school, though she was the smartest, wisest human being I ever met. She used to remind me when I go and visit that it wasn't about me. It was about the opportunities that I have had.”
“So today, we are here because we believe that every single person in this country — shouldn't matter the color of their skin, shouldn’t matter how they pray, or who they love, or how they identify — every person in this country deserves the basic dignity to know that all of us have their back, that we together can be stronger, that we the people matter, and that we will stand up to dignify one another as human beings,” El-Sayed said.
Supporters at the rally cheered for AOC as she walked onto the stage.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) speaks at the rally about Reverend Jesse Jackson and his endorsement of Bernie Sanders.

"Jackson’s bid for the 1984 Nomination paralleled the current race with its fight against the establishment and foundation set on hope, not despair," Ocasio-Cortez said. “[Reagan won] not by genius, he won while we were asleep. He won by the margin of despair. He won by the fracture of our coalition by the margin of racial division. He won by default. Does that sound familiar, Michigan?”
Bernie Sanders, Vermont Senator and 2020 presidential election candidate, called on voters to show up at the polls on Tuesday.
"We have got to look around us," Sanders said. "And what we have got to determine is whether we are satisfied with the status quo? Are we satisfied with an economy in which three people own more wealth than the bottom half of America? Are we satisfied with an economy in which the top 1% owns more wealth than the bottom 92%? Are we satisfied with an economy where half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck, and 49% of all new income goes to the top 1%? Are we satisfied with a political system in which billionaires buy elections? Our campaign is bringing people together around a movement based on love, compassion and dignity. That is what we are fighting for.”
“How does it happen that the United States of America is the only major country on Earth not to guarantee health care to all people as a human right?" Sanders said. "We're going to end that embarrassment. This is what it means: no more premiums, no more co-payments, no more deductibles, no more out-of-pocket expenses."
“I am the son of immigrants. And I will not tolerate the demonization of immigrants that exists right now," Sanders said. "On day one we will restore executive order, the legal status, with 1.8 million young people eligible for DACA. We will end a border policy, which today allows federal agents to take babies from the arms of their mothers. We will end the ice raids that are terrorizing communities all across America. And we will pass bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship.”
“And when we talk about issues, we cannot any longer sweep under the rug, we need major reforms to a broken and racist criminal justice system," Sanders said. "We are going to invest in our young people in jobs and education, not jails and incarceration.”
“And what history is about is to understand that there have been extraordinarily brave people throughout history, people who put their lives on the line sometimes who have died, gone to jail, in the struggle for justice," Sanders said. "That is what this campaign is about. That is what Jesse Jackson's life has been about. That's what Alexandria’s life is about and that is what I hope all of your lives will be about.”
“Now we've got a president who embarrasses us every day," Sanders said. "But he is also endangering not only the United States but the entire world when he continues to believe that climate change is a hoax. Well, some of us believe that Donald Trump is a hoax.”
Sander's campaign urges Michigan to vote on Tuesday March 10.
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