"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." - John C. Maxwell

True leaders do not create followers, they create more leaders.

This past week we had the privilege to explore our own leadership, and what it means to be a Godly leader.

We started at the beginning, what is leadership and what does God say about leadership? We were fortunate to have some very special guests who came to teach about , what Kingdom principles for leadership is. The team from Valley Creek Leadership Academy (VCLA) in Dallas, Texas, came to share their wisdom and love with us this week. We learned a lot from them and enjoyed our time with them greatly.

We talked about topics such as what is leadership, and am I a leader, submission and authority, at what level is my leadership, and where would I like it to be and What is the questions that I need to ask myself to become a better leader? We learned that all of us are leaders and to be a good leader you need to know when to keep quiet and let someone else lead and sometimes you need to be able to lead from behind.

We learned that an apple tree does not merely produce apples, but more apple trees. Just like that we as leaders need to be, we do not produce followers, but more leaders. It is each of our responsibilities to equip and enable others to lead and grow.

May you, in the weeks to come, realize that you are a great leader. Even when we start small we should embrace that a great leader is in us and it is our choice to it out.

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