Hi my name is Ismael Estrada a senior at Serra High School. The areas in photography that I am most interested are going outside to take pictures.

I choose this project because I had not done it before so it so I saw it as a learning experience and what I learned was how to do the color splash.
my challenge on the first picture was the white balance and in the second one was the sun. these photos represent my best shots in this assignment because there theĀ ones that came out the best
my process in taking the first picture was trying to do something different because a lot of people just did a someone shaking hands so I thought if the military and the what we have that is close to that is ROTC. my process for the second one was just trying to get a picture of teamwork with out it looking fake.
what I think makes a good portrait is the angle you take the picture and the lighting and to know the modelĀ . these portraits are good because of the model and angel I took the picture
the challenges I had taking this picture was the baby kept moving and it was hard to get a nice clean picture. an assignment that all the classes could do at home is something like what we did.

how I think I have done so far this year is good in some part and could do better in others. what I have learned is a little bit of everything since my photography class last year didn't really use the cameras. I learned how to use the camera a little better and how to change the shutter speed and all that

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