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Paul Messinger is a poet, songwriter, vocalist, and instrumentalist, originally from New York, now based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He is known as one of the early proponents of the Howard Levy (The Flecktones) approach to playing diatonic harmonica, and writes nuanced, character-driven songs in varied styles, explaining, “Different stories require different musical styles to tell them.”

His abiding passions are history and people, and his artistic lens is focused on telling the stories of the people(s) in the world around us.




Paul Messinger is an American singer / songwriter who on his last album brought a series of critical songs that were about life in the Trump era. Apparently he had a need for disconnection and a positive approach, because Love will find you: 9 Degrees of Relationshiphas become an album with nine songs about love in all its facets. From trust through perseverance and regret and betrayal to patience and satisfaction, each theme its own song, with a completely personal arrangement, in which Messinger mixes pop, rock, reggae, blues, folk and gospel into a convincing mix. It yields a varied, beautiful album that probably worked purifyingly for Messinger himself, and for the listener it is certainly a joy to listen to

-Moors Magazine

"Poet, singer and songwriter Paul Messinger has dedicated his latest record to his own wife, the love of his life, it is unclear to us whether they have experienced all 9 emotions and feelings in their marriage, but the way he is singing about them on these 9 tracks is anyway extraordinary and touching, excellent work, Paul!"

- Valére Sampermans / Rootstime -

"Paul Messinger is a true artist with a real creativity, his musical eclectism has to be discovered by true music lovers....."

- Mike Penard / Radio I.S.A. FM -

Messinger opens the album (“America”) with the lines: "Take me to the land of the madmen and the poets, take me to the Waffle House at 4 am and you will know America." And that sets a tone for the rest of the album. The subjects are all over (it is a big country) and Messinger's passion is obvious throughout and it reflects on the music.

So, not your everyday straightforward Americana album as such, but a varied musical experience that will make you seriously think about what Paul Messinger has to say.

- Ljubinko Zivkovic / Kurrent Music

America 2.0 is an extraordinary album that attempts to examine the very concept of what America is in the Trump era and what it means to be part of the great American melting pot. It is massive in its ambition and scope and it very nearly pulls it off. Messinger is patently a very savvy and politicised observer who use his lyrics and devastating harmonica skills to lead his band through a range of styles and tropes encompassing gospel, dustbowl blues, reggae and straight ahead rock n roll.

Opening with the quietly epic title track, the cards are immediately on the table: “Take me to land of the madmen and the poets, take me to the Waffle House at 4am and you will know America.”

- Keith Hargreaves / americana-uk.com


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