Spirit Animal Macbeth & Banquo

Macbeth- Hyena

Throughout the play Macbeth, we find evidence of Macbeth being akin to a hyena. The first examples we see of this are after he receives news from the witches about his future kingship, and he debates whether or not it is his purpose to kill King Duncan. Hyenas are very solitary animals and will even go to killing other hyenas to get their own meal. Another piece of evidence is found within Act 3 Scene 1 when Macbeth states to the murderers "Are you so gospeled, to pray for this good man and for his issue, whose heavy hand hath bowed you to the grave..." signifying Macbeth's disloyalty to his good friend.

Banquo- Wolf

Banquo in every aspect reflects characteristics of a wolf. Wolves are fiercely loyal and will stick with the pack no matter the circumstances. Wolves are also very strong animals and if need be will use force to protect the pack. Banquo also possess these natures, he is loyal to his friend Macbeth even when we has become overwhelmed with power and selfishness and has proved his worth in a battle more than once. In Act 3 Scene 1 Banquo reflected this perfectly by stating, "Let your highness command upon me, to the which my duties are with a most indissoluble tie for ever knit." which illustrates his undying loyalty towards his good friend and eventual "murderer".

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