Things that got us through quarantine BY JAIR SANCHEZ

2020 has been the strangest year Gen Z has ever experienced. People in 2019 were so excited because all the holidays in 2020 landed on perfect days: Fourth of July was on a Friday, Halloween on a Saturday and Christmas on a Friday.

However, if only they had known that everyone would be on lockdown for nine months due to a global pandemic, then 2020 wouldn’t have seemed as glamorous. As we wrap up the year, let's take a look back at some of the trends during quarantine.

March 2020 - Netflix: "Tiger King"

This photo shows me watching "Tiger King" on my laptop as Joe Exotic is seen cuddling with a baby tiger.

The beginning of quarantine was so much fun because all of us thought we were just going on a two-week break from school. We had a little bit of homework but we were all ready to leave it for the last weekend. The show “Tiger King” was an insanely popular hit. From a man named Joe Exotic having a huge tiger zoo in his house, to rumors of the mysterious disappearance of the husband of his arch nemesis Carol Baskin. Netflix, in general, was something all of us watched in March since there was just so much free time.

April 2020- TikTok

This photo shows my sister loading up the app TikTok on her phone.

TikTok grew immensely popular during quarantine. Everyone was downloading it and making videos. Some of the best TikTok trends include the dance to Megan Thee Stallion’s song “Savage,” whipped coffee, mirror selfies outside and Animal Crossing. TikTok was a huge place for entertainment and since we were all so bored, we were trying out these crazy trends that didn’t really make sense.

June 2020- Fresh Air

This photo shows the sunset sinking into the mountains over a beach in Pismo, California.

By summertime, we were all pretty frustrated and ready to be able to go outside. A few restrictions were lifted such as being able to go to parks, beaches and even some malls. We were ready to have a good summer, however it did not last for long. While most of us wore masks, many others did not. It resulted in cases rising and even malls and beaches closing again.

August 2020- Furry Friends

A collage of my two cats, Salem (the boy black kitten) and Sativa (the girl Siamese kitten).

Quarantine has been making us very lonely. While many people had a pet to walk and have a reason to go outside, many of us did not. Adopting new pets was another huge thing that helped us get through the long stay at home order. My cousin found a litter of kittens in May and after being very jealous, I adopted two kittens of my own. A black kitten and a Siamese kitten. Pets really do keep you company while staying at home and during such stressful times, their companionship is what we need.

October 2020- Virtual Parties

A photo of me looking at the preview before joining a Zoom meeting.

Over quarantine, virtual parties have gained a lot of popularity. We already have to use Zoom for school, so why not hop on a call with some friends at night? Also, many streaming platforms such as Disney +, Hulu and of course, Netflix, offer third party extensions that allow you to watch movies with your friends and chat while you watch them. “Netflix Parties” rose to popularity quickly. During the spooky season, everyone wanted to watch their favorite halloween movies with their friends while staying at home and safe.

November 2020- Photography

This collage shows two photos of me and my friend Carmina taking pictures as we walked around shopping on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Also, I included my vintage 35mm film camera that I have taken pictures on over quarantine, as well as my JVC VHS video camera that I have been recording videos on.

Staying at home can really bring out your creative side. One thing a lot of people found themselves doing was appreciating everything around them and really looking at nature. Taking photos of things you’d never take photos of before has been another great way to get through quarantine. One way I loved to take photos was on film cameras. I collect a bunch of them and I just think it is so cool to take a picture and wait to get it developed to see how it turns out.

December 2020- Music

This photo shows the album "Ctrl" by SZA on a translucent green vinyl being spun on my record player.

With the end of the year finally, but quickly approaching, many artists have been releasing albums and songs. Also, there is nothing better than playing your favorite Christmas songs while we all stay at home. Some hot chocolate, the christmas tree in your living room and a Christmas playlist on repeat can make everyone happy.

With the craziest year of the 21st century finally coming to an end and vaccines for Covid-19 approaching, we can only hope for the best for 2021. Please remember to wear a mask and stay home.

Created By
Jair Sanchez