The Absolutley True Diary of a Part -Time Indian By: Brendon weigleb

Chapter 5, Question 2. The conversation that Mr. P had with junior getting suspended from school and breaking his nose, and how disappointed he is in him.
Chapter 6, question 2. The reason junior decides he has to move is because he was getting bullied at the reservation.
Chapter 8, Question 4. Junior reacts to Rogers racist joke by punching him in the face. And he thinks that Roger is going to plot for revenge.
Chapter 11, Question 1. Its ironic because junior is wearing a homeless outfit too because Penelope doesn't really know him and he likes her so that gives them something to talk about.
Chapter 15, Question 2. It affects there friendship because junior tells Penelope that he likes her and she sort of feels the same way because he waited for her and made sure she was okay after she was puking.
Chapter 17, Question 1. Junior feels half Indian in one place and half white in another because he lives by the Rez and most Indians live close to the Rez. But he travels to go to rearden and all of his friends are white and have money.
Chapter 21, Question 4. She means by saying it's beautiful and ugly because his dad goes away every Christmas and spends money on alcohol. But this year he let junior have 5 bucks instead of buying another drink.
Chapter 22, Question 3. The irony about juniors grandma was she got hit by a drunk driver. And before she died her last request was for everyone to forgive the drunk driver.
Chapter 25, Question 4. Junior is ashamed because he knew that some people on the other team hadn't ate breakfast that morning, or they had a lot more serious problems than his friends at rearden do.
Chapter 27, Question 2. The event that happened at the end was tragic. Junior found out that his sister died. The people on the reservation acted sad because they all knew his sister.


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