#likeagirl Conquering your fears and doubts as a woman business owner

What does it mean to you to be a woman business owner? What does your life look like to you? These are all questions I faced on my on going journey with my 2 daughters and the trials and fears we have faced and overcame. This is a glimpse into my story with my daughters as a woman business owner.

My daughters and I try to spend as much time as we can together in between the many businesses we run together as a family.

It's not always easy on this path. There was a time we had to ride the local bus system for 6months. Have been apart for periods of time but I fight everyday for them no matter what life throws at us.

I'm thankful for my best friend and mentor that has helped guide me and change me for the better. I was a scared timid woman that came from a very dark past.

He has guided me and help me to see my inner strength and what I am actually capable of. He's always there to help me and when needed to give me the push I need when I am to scared to move in the direction that is where I need to go.

He is an amazing role model for my daughters and treats them as his own. He teaches them as well as myself what it means to have true inner strength, to fight for what you believe in. To let no one stop you from achieving your dreams.

My youngest daughters was terrified of men and was afraid to talk to him in the beginning. He guided her and showed her that not all men are mean and hurtful. She now loves to play games with him and looks forward to our nights we have meetings and outings. She has come out of her shell and he has a lot to do with it. She now will go up to an adult and look them in the eye and shake their hand. Before his guidance she wouldn't have done that.

My oldest daughter had a fear of speaking to anyone with what we lived through when it came to speaking to men. She kept her distance for a good while. He coached her and saw her potential in her art work and has encouraged her to start a comic business through one of our companies Twisted Graphic Designs. The two of them are inseparable now with the business plans and hijinks they come up with for celebrations coming up on the horizon.

I was terrified of going to a meeting with 2 clients that my mentor and I had together wearing a portable EEG machine. He encouraged me to come. It was a test of my inner strength. To know what my true self worth is and not care what the other person thinks.

It's never easy when we have to go on our trips. My first trip was to Cincinnati, OH from north Florida. I sprang an extra $800 for my babysitter to watch my girls on top of the trip expense. On top of that I only knew my mentor 2-3 weeks but I saw the value of the opportunity he and the mentorship team had to offer. I knew this was my chance to better my daughters lives.

Along the way I've made great friends and very strong relationships.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to learn from our mentors and leaders. They have taught me so much and I'd probably still be stuck in fast food or retail if I wasn't given this opportunity.
Created By
Christina Harwood


Photos taken by Christina Harwood and Amol Khedkar

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