Haylees future life dreaming is hopeful

Things I want to be in my future:

I want to be a pediatrician and that will take 15 years including me graduating high school and the going through med school.

I want to help kids because i like kids and everything about them. 2 yrs

I want to be in the medical field because I wanna be able to help people and make them feel better. This will take 11 years.

I want to be a mom because I have a motherly vibe and I would like to be the person who helps create life, and show how beautiful life can be if lived right. This will take as long as I want it but hopefully not for a long time 5 years mabey

I want to have:............

I want to have a beautiful family. 6 yrs

I want to have a decent job that pays well. 4 yrs

I want to have a cute house with a tree and a tire swing. 4 yrs

I want to have kids to live my legacy and i want them to have the best stories to tell there friends and there kids one day.

I want to paint and sculpt. 2yrs

I want to hike the grand canyon. 4yrs

I want walk to statue of liberty steps 3yrs

I want to see my friends success in life 3yrs

I want to see my children grow up 20yrs

I want to see the sunrise on a new year 2yrs

I want to go to Europe 5yrs

I want to New York 4yrs

I want to go to Egypt 6yrs

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Haylee Shaffer


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