Visions of NYC A Memorial Day Weekend Visit

New York is the city of my birth. Though I've been back to visit many times in the 30+ years since I moved away, this was the first time that I had a chance to visit during warm weather months since I have taken up photography. So when a family event was scheduled for Memorial Day weekend I took advantage of the timing, brought my gear and went to town!

Squibb Park Bridge

Having only a few days in town, I had carefully laid out a plan of what I what I wanted to shoot. My first target was the view of lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park. Imagine my surprise when I happened upon the very photogenic Squibb Park Bridge. Can anyone say "Bonus"!

Lower Manhattan From Brooklyn Bridge Park

The lines formed by the old dock pilings at Brooklyn Bridge Park have made this an iconic destination for photographers worldwide. A beautiful clear early summer evening made this a perfect experience.

The High Line

Formerly a freight train railroad trestle, this unique space has been converted into the High Line, an elevated public park complete with benches, landscaping, murals and sculpture dotting this nearly mile and half long NYC attraction.

The variety of environments along this great concourse creates an experience that every visitor should take time to enjoy.

Central Park's Sheep Meadow

Having grown up in New York during its era of decay in the 70's and 80's, one of the largest symbols of its disrepair was Central Park. But as the city moved from one extreme to another, so did the park. Today, Central Park has been returned to its glory, an oasis for all to enjoy.

Bethesda Terrace & Daniel Webster Statue

With so many iconic locations in Central Park and so little time to see them, I was only able to photograph a few. I guess I'll have to go back some other time!

New York has so much to offer that I could only scratch the surface in the few days I was there. Though my passion is nature photography, the time I spent photographing the city of my birth was as motivating as the times I have spent in the mountains. And as with the mountains, I look forward to going back to shoot more of this amazing city.

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Peter Carbonell


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