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Giving the Poor Tools for Success

We firmly believe Tumaini can mitigate extreme poverty in Kenya. We are currently working in 7 of the 47 Kenya counties with goals of expanding our reach to further bring resources and hope to those in need. Tumaini International partners with communities and mitigates extreme poverty bringing hope to thousands of needy persons through our socio-economic development programs. In this way, we are making an impact in many poor communities, cities, and, hopefully, Kenya as a whole. -Tumaini International

Tumanthane Community Based Organization (CBO)

Case Study

Tumanthane Case Study

The Tumanthane Community Based Organization is a group of 25 Kenyan members formed in 2009 aimed at reducing poverty. At the time of origin, the members were poor and relied on highly unpredictable rains for their subsistence farming. The level of poverty was so great that most people could not afford to purchase basic commodities for their families. However, they all had one common goal; working together to fight extreme poverty and better their family situations.

The Tumanthane CBO started with table banking. At its core, table banking is a system where members of a group come together weekly and put small amounts of money on a table and give the total collection of such money to one of the members, usually the neediest. Each meeting, the money rotates to a different community member.

Next, the group planted 25 mango trees per member. Being that mango trees do well in their village (an area located in an arid region) this strategy generated significant profits.

Additionally, the Tumanthane members dug trenches in the group's small farms to stop soil erosion and improve returns. Collectively, they furthermore started providing commercial labor to the community members earning additional cash income.

More so, the group reached out to orphans in the village and began offering THEM support

Through these early efforts, Tumanthane CBO members met most of their basic needs elevating their standard of living. However, it soon became apparent that, as noble as these efforts were, the cash flow was not sufficient to fulfill the larger challenges like providing adequate food for their families while earning enough money to cover health needs and school fees.

That is when they approached Tumaini with a request for partnership

Through our collaboration with Tumanthane, Tumaini provided grants, technical training, and support in various forms. First, Tumaini gave the group Galla male goats to breed with their local goats producing adequate provision of nutritious milk and revenue from the surplus. Tumaini also provides technical training in animal raising and money management to further aid the Tumanthane members.

In recent months, Tumaini gave Tumanthane a grant for a small business start-up of tent and chair rentals. A mere 100 seater tent and chair rental service is a lucrative business in their village and surrounding areas for a variety of large party functions (weddings, funerals, celebrations, etc.) The net impact of this partnership has been incredibly positive. The cash income has since enabled the group at Tumanthane not only to meet their basic needs but also start a savings & loan account.

Tumanthane is a microcosm of the impact that we have witnessed through partnerships with 7 CBOs so far. Each of these CBO's is involved in different economic activities based on the needs and local expertise of the members/community, but the goal is the same: to better his or her futures financially and beyond. In all of the projects pursued, Tumaini offers grants, microloans and technical training, or a combination of such. In total there are 183 individual members in the 7 CBOS with a total of 915 beneficiaries.

The crucial component of these partnerships is the members doing the jobs themselves. Instead of giving the poor fleeting handouts, Tumaini empowers the communities and existing organizations to get out of poverty by providing the skills, small grants, and means necessary for their success

It is amazing watching these communities work steadily toward achieving financial freedom and self-reliance within just one year!


Even with the growing success of these 7 CBO's, there are still many more on the waiting list for Tumaini to partner beside. Some are all women groups (with the majority of them widows) while some are a just starting out and eagerly awaiting funding. In a country with unemployment hovering around 40%-60%, we are paying particular attention to youthful CBOs hoping to come alongside them providing opportunities to succeed and giving them hope.

Here are the 7 CBOs Tumaini International partners with....

Tumanthane Group

Wumiisyo wa aka ndiwa Women

Wumiisyo wa aka Women

Mwangaza Women

Manza Women Group

Kazana Women Group

Tumaini Women Group

If you would like to make a donation to Tumaini International enabling us to fund these socio-economic efforts further, follow this link or mail a check to our office with socioeconomic labeled in the memo line.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. We at Tumaini would not be able to do what we do without devote supporters like you!

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