Samuel F.B. Morse

Samuel F.B. Morse was born on April 27, 1791 in Charlestown, Boston MA. This is a monumental sign located at his old house.
He attended Yale where he worked on painting and inventing works. His father, Jedidiah Morse, did not approve of his aspiration.

After he graduated college in 1810, he went to England to study art. There he attended the Royal Academy.

In 1815, he set up an art studio in Boston. Then in 1818, he married Lucretia Walker. His paintings of heroes and romance then began selling in huge numbers.

He helped launch the New York Journal of Commerce and became the founder of the National Academy of Design. His colleagues later introduced him to electromagnetism, and he made the first electric telegraph model in 1835.

He came up with the Morse Code in 1838. Congress refused the telegraph line, but soon Morse got help. In 1848, Congress finally accepted the line. After the line was complete, legal battles began but quickly ended. He settled down in wealth and fame, but later died on April 2, 1872.


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