Inventions of the Industrial Revolution Patrick Cullinan

James Watt

James Watt was a Scottish engineer born on 1/30/1736. His famous invention was the steam engine. This new type of engine worked theee times faster than previous ones.His sparked an increase of coal and other fossil fuels due to the fact that workers could work much faster than before. Inspired by his previous success, Watt wanted to make more inventions that could change society. He used steam to make faster ways of turning a shaft and spinning and weaving cotton. Watt's inventions triggered an increase in imports and exports and he achieved his goal of changing society.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison is a very famous American inventor known for the light bulb. Some people say that the Industrial Revolution couldn't have happened without Edison. His invention brought the opportunities of reform in technology in not just America, but around the world. Without the lightbulb, work (and life in general) would be much harder.

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell is another famous American inventor known for the telephone. This is another invention that has proven to evolve tremendously and is seen as almost a necessity in life. This invention started out as Bell wanted to make something that allowed to people to talk to each other, from a distance, through wires. Over time, the telphone has evolved into a wireless system which allows calls to be made from even further distances. The telephone is another life changing invention that could make life much harder if it were not invented.

Guglielmo Marconi

Guglielmo Marconi was the first man to send radio waves across the ocean. He did this across the Atlantic in 1901. This invention has evolved greatly by being able to send radio waves across multiple oceans at once.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford was the person who started the rise of transportation. In 1916, Ford led the production of thousands of cars which made having a car an everyday thing, or almost a necessity. Today, it has evolved so much that it is almost a crime to not own a car. Henry Ford had the biggest impact on past society and current society.

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