My dogs(: by darren levorce

I have 3 dogs , Tank, Lexi, Pheobe

This is tank hes two years old and hes a Rottweiler

Tank was born and raised in Connecticut we adopted him when he was 10 weeks old. He loves to play ball and wrestle Lexi, Tank is a very friendly and loving dog.


Lexi is 3 years old and all you will ever see her doing is running playfully enjoying life in the backyard. If she had the choice im pretty sure she would stay outside all day everyday.


Pheobe is the oldest out of my three dogs she is 8 years old and she rules the house, She is pretty much the queen. She has a super annoying high pitch bark and you can hear here from miles away. This small dog acts like shes a Great Dane

So there you have it those are my three dogs, I feed them let them out and walk them everyday. Some days I hate them but most of the time I just love hanging out and cuddling with them.

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