zoos by joseph.e

Imagine going in a zoo and there is dead animals and it stinks. What if they were roaming in the zoo, we would all die. The animals would take over the zoo. I don’t think we should have zoos because the animals might escape, man-eating animals might harm people, and people might hurt animals.

The monkeys might get free and let the zebras and antelopes go out of their cages. Then they let the lions out, and they’ll eat the antelopes and zebras. The monkeys will sit and enjoy the zebras and lions and antelopes fighting. The monkeys might go around when the managers that open the front gates of the zoo, and the monkeys might rip their eyes out.

The lions brake their cages. The coyotes break free too. They start eating the people that are protecting the crowd of city people and then start attacking the city people and then the army comes in and has to kill the lions. And then the zoo goes back to normal and then the rhinos break their cages, and they start ramming the zoo and everyone in it and break all of the cages and eat all of the animals.

The power might go out and all of the animals might get free and the people might get hurt. The electric cages might open and the electric fences will not be there anymore. The animals might start attacking the people, the army might have to come in and attacking all of the animals that were harmed.

This is why there shouldn’t be zoos because this the zoo is in its place, the animals are communicating to make a plan to attack and break free. The monkeys will come out and scratch people’s heads open and eat their brains. tually happen. And my final choice is no. There should not be any zoos because the animals could escape, man-eating animals could harm people, and people might harm animals.



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