AVIANCA SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY BY Paula Munarriz, Clara Muñoz, andre de azambuja & Nicolas martin

*GOALS: We aspire to be not the biggest, but the best airline company, by offering the best service. Based on this premise, we have designed guidelines to implement the new social media marketing strategy of AVIANCA (Aerovias del Continente Americano S.A.).
  • Specific: focus not on selling more, but on generating metrics that matter; not settling just for retweets, but creating a real social media presence.
  • Measurable: in order to track our progress; social media analytics will be used over a period of time of one year. We will use the services of Cyfe ( )to deliver insight we can use to report and analyze our Social Analytics.
  • Attainable: The goal is to create an international presence in order to attract more customers and raise customer engagement.
  • Relevant: In order to keep our strategy relevant, we plan to engage in posting on online platforms whilst avoiding social networking sites; where we already have other strategies and goals.
  • Timely: We plan to deliver our goals over the course of a year, by posting graphics through the internet, and using analytics to measure the responsiveness and involvement of prospective customers.
  • We expect to implement our strategies in order to guarantee a Social Media Return on Investment.
^These are the guidelines that are to be used in each advertisement or published content^
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