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My name is Muhammad Kautsar Rahman (obviously, you can see it at the start of this page). Im an extreme sports enthusiast, and i've always been curious about the world. It's hard to stop me, I'm stubborn as hell and tend to not let anything get in my way. I'm married, 23 years old and i love food. I have no expectations for innovative media, other then the desire to learn it, as they say, "Best to have no expectations to prevent unnecessary barriers."

Assignment 1 E-portfolio

Exercise 1 : Stop Motion Animation

For this video, we wanted to create a mashup of classical racing games with stop motion graphics. Thus creating this video. We spent quite a bit of time editing it, but had loads of fun doing it. Thoroughly enjoyed this exercise.

My group: (Left to right) Eidil Fitri, Mukmin, and your's truly, Muhammad Kautsar Rahman

If you would like to check out all the raw images, make sure to check out all our pictures!

Exercise 2: Viral Content

Drugs, it kills.

Drug abuse is not an issue to be scoffed at. Especially if your friends are involved with it too. Tell me, does this situation sound Familiar? You’re minding your own business, doing your school assignments in your dorm, and your roommate just barges in and says he just got a bong. He wants you to join in, but you don’t want to. He pressures you, begging you to join him, saying that ‘it’ll only be a bit.’ So, out of guilt you do it.

Peer pressure and getting involved with friends that abuses drugs can lead to situations as mentioned. This is why anti-drug abuse is something that everyone should be aware of. Being informed about the effects of drugs can reduce the consummerage of these substances. But more than that, preventing it from happening by building a clearer sense of one’s self and a realisation that you don’t need it to begin with would prove to be the best of deterrents.

But there’s something deeper that needs to be understood. Why do people abuse drugs? The answer is many. Some because of depression, because they don’t feel good about themselves, they needed to ‘get away’ from the issues that’s plaguing their minds. And issues such as this often leads to a dependence on drugs, and eventually abusing it, especially because it makes them feel better, a temporal sense of relief that is often easily obtained. They build such a reliance on it that they would eventually suffer from withdrawals if they haven’t had any. Much like why a smoker couldn’t quit outright, their brains are hardwired to constantly process these drugs in order to help them get through, so quitting outright can prove to be self destructive. A slow rehabilitation is required for these issues. So to tackle the issues of drug abuse, it needs to be tackled at its root, the human mind and understanding it. As much as each and every person is unique, viewing it statistically eventually reveals a pattern, a correlation that could be taken advantaged off by a psychiatrist. This raises a question, if it’s as easy as i typed it to be, why is drug abuse still a thing? Because research is expensive, getting a good psychiatrist is expensive, and most of these people turn towards drugs because it’s a cheaper alternative, an easier way out, they don't have the monetary capabilities to see a specialist.

Alcohol is also a form of gateway drug to something harder, such as methamphetamine. And what’s scary is that alcohol is widely available. You go to any part of the world, and so long as you are above 18, you can easily get your hand on a drink. Few would consider alcohol as a ‘drug,’ But it definitely falls as a rather strong substance that could easily be misused. And similarly, as stated before, most misuse alcohol because they needed to feel ‘less’ and to ‘get away’ from their issues. And eventually, when alcohol isn’t strong enough anymore, and becomes more expensive as it requires them to drink more as tolerance does build up, they would seek for something much, much stronger. To drink warily is important, especially because a lot of people drink and drive nowadays, which is almost certainly a death sentence.

This is why anti-drug campaigns are important. Without awareness, the likelihood of abusing substances are very high. And although it is true, we couldn’t outright remove drugs altogether in the world as that would be close to impossible, especially with the drug world being very large, we could at least reduce it. How much we can reduce it depends on how responsive people are. To provide more beneficial alternatives such as exercise, therapy, and bonding sessions would have a greater impact. Thus why rehabilitation centers are relatively effective.

So do yourself a favor, don't look to drugs for companionship, seek genuine help and live a healthier life.

Exercise 3: Infographics

For this Info graphic, I didn't make the design too complex. I wanted it to be simple with some modern pop culture reference. Which is why I referred to Heisenberg (Walter White) from Breaking Bad. In keeping in line with the theme, I focused on crystal meth, which is the main drug used in Breaking Bad. I focused on the main points and interesting facts of crystal meths, and added visual aid to help visualize the information.

I have included the link to view it from canva, should you want to get a closer look.

Exercise 4: Mobile App

For this exercise, we had to create a mobile app using the Ibuild website. We had to choose an inspiration to our design. So because both me and Mukmin love food, we decided to go with Dah Makan as well as Yelp. Both are great services, and both have very good, simple and clean functioning apps. So me and Mukmin decided to analyze Yelp first to have a vague idea on what to include.

As you can see, we analyzed Food Panda.

After analyzing it, we wanted to add a hint of our own originality to our overall App design. We decided to go with Midnight food specialists, where we focus on providing food for hungry people in the middle of the night. Thus, we came out with the name "Treat Nights", a little treat, for all the night owls out there in Malaysia. The concept of treat nights is that we don't just deliver food, but we make them as well. And everyday our Today's special changes, as well as occasionally having discounts here and there. But with this app, due to the constant change in menu, it encourages people to come back to this app and use it in the future so they can stay up to date with the new menu.

Without further delay, here's the App that me and Mukmin created.

This is the main menu. Treat Nights, With a logo designed specifically for this page.
About us, describing what we do.
The categories of the menu that changes everyday.
The specific food you can order from within that category.
what happens if you click the green shopping cart icon.
What you have ordered can be viewed within the shopping cart.
What happens if you click order. The client would have to fill this information in before submitting order.
If you click our tweet section, you can actually tweet out your location and what you want, making delivery a lot quicker. Also, you can check out what new tweets we have to stay up to date from the app itself.
If you click the contact us page, you can contact us for business partnership, of if you'd like to get in touch with the driver should you change your whereabouts.
List of available contacts.
Contact information once you have selected the person you'd like to contact.
At the top right of the main menu, there's a side bar. This side bar takes you to the fan wall to see all the reviews, or comments that we have received from our services.
This is one of the comments visible from the fan wall.
At the top part of the fan wall, you can see map as well as photos.
If you click map, you can see the location from where that comment was made. This is useful because it allows people to see what the service would be like in their area, as delivery time and service may differ from area to area.
If you click the photo, you can see all the pictures that people have taken and uploaded on the fan wall.

I had fun making this app, But I must add though, it would be better to use a different app instead of Ibuild, it lacks many things that limits our creativity. But it is great as a beginner app as it does prepare for other app builders out there.

Assignment 2 : Video

For this assignment, we have decided that we will do a parody of a famous anime called 'Death Note' Below, you'll find our sources of inspiration as well as the thought process used to create the storyboard that will be created in the future.

This is the Mindmap that we have created for this video.
And this is the Moodboard that we have created for this assignment with my group members.

Assignment 3: Chat Stickers

For this assignment, we had to come up with 6 chat stickers with the dimension 320px (W) x 270px (H). These 6 chat stickers needed to convey the 6 different emotions which are: happy, sad, angry, confused, sleepy, working.

Before we take a look at the finalized design, let's see the inspiration that got me there first.

Here are some of the elements that inspired me to create my character, the Emochi which is represented in the middle of this moodboard. The Emochi is meant to be a pun of 'emoji' and the 'mochi', thus their inclusion in this moodboard. Another inspiration is the game slime rancher, where every creature that you meet, is a type of slime. Pusheen plays a role as well by inspiring me to create it as cute as possible, and follow its animation techniques. The deadpool was a design created by my wife, which inspired me to follow her principles, which is 'simpler is better'.
These were my initial designs on paper, before I translated them into Adobe Illustrator.

Now here are the chat sticker's animation reel.

1. Happy

Most Emochis are happy by default. And they would always bounce up and down in excitement.

2. Sad

But Emochis can be sad if they don't get what they want.

3. Angry

Beware of angry Emochis. They will only get angry if you don't feed them enough red bean paste. They will try to gnaw on you if they are angry.

4. Confused

Emochis will get very confused if you don't feed them the right type of food. They will stare at the food and give you this reaction.

5. Working

Even Emochis have to do taxes, and when they do, they do their best.

6. Sleeping

A favourite pastime of all Emochis, they will sleep whenever they get the chance.

Check out the fully animated gifs on padlet here! (Click me)

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Muhammad K. Rahman

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