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About Nic and Lucas

My chosen prophets are Nicholas Marchesi and Lucas Patchett. Nic and Lucas were both born in Queensland and raised in Brisbane. Nic is 21 years old and Lucas is 22 years old. They both live with their parents as they have used most of their money for their mission, The Orange Sky Laundry (Chryssides, 2016). Their parents are very supportive of what the boys have achieved and what the future holds for their sons.

Nic and Lucas were house captains together in year 12 at St Joseph’s College and discovered they had very good leadership skills. In school, they volunteered at the schools early-morning city food van for homeless people (Cryssides, 2016). In September 2014, Nic and Lucas decided to create a mobile laundry to wash the clothes of the homeless. Upon leaving school, they came up with the idea of the Orange Sky Laundry. They wanted to continue helping people in the community who are less fortunate than themselves. Over 270 volunteers have joined the cause and government and local businesses are helping the charity become more sustainable. They became young Australians of the year together in 2016 (Knott, 2016). In high-school when they were helping with the early morning food vans they realised that they were very fortunate, they realised through communicating with the homeless that they were no different to anyone else.

(Knott, 2016)

The work they do

Nic and Lucas fitted a van with washing machines, water tanks and a generator. They go around washing homeless people’s clothes. Whilst Nic and Lucas talk to and socialise with the homeless they cook meals for them. They try to park near barbeques so that while they wash the clothes, they can cook for them as well (Knott, 2016). They have spent over 12,000 hours talking to the homeless (Mitchell, 2015). With the excitement, they had about what was happening in Brisbane and the difference it was making to people’s lives, they extended their service to Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast. Orange Sky Laundry now operates in 36 locations around Australia and washes 350 loads of clothes a week (Knott, 2016). The guys want to expand the service all over the country and help the homeless have their clothes washed. Many ordinary Australians take clean clothes for granted. Each van costs $110,000 to build and each load of washing and drying costs $6 (Crysssides, 2016). There are now five Orange Sky Laundry vans in Brisbane, the Gold coast, Melbourne, South-East Victoria and Sydney (Muir, 2016). Nic and Lucas are excited to make more vans in the future. They are trying to improve the homeless people’s personal hygiene by washing their clothes. This small gesture boosts a person’s confidence and pride and can assist to help people in this position feel like an accepted member of society.

(Samille, 2016)

Why is my chosen person's a prophet?

Nic and Lucas are good examples of modern day prophets. They are respected by people in the community for their compassion. The guys want to help the homeless people have access to clean clothing just as we do everyday. They first used Nic's van and their own money to get started, rather than waiting around for a grant or funding (Shakr, 2015). This shows they are selfless and giving and very courageous. They are committed to the service they are providing for the homeless and they put a lot of time and effort into what they do. They hope to give the homeless people a sense of confidence and to boost their self-esteem, which I think is very important for any person to have. Nic and Lucas see the less fortunate as their equals, they do not think they are better or more important. They give their time freely and expect nothing in return.

(Aus of the year, 2016)

Qualities assosciated with a prophet

A prophet speaks messages that are from God to other people. Once God has told the prophet what to say, he then shares the message with others (Robert R, 2016). A prophet is a person viewed as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of God (There are many different characteristics and qualities a prophet can have.

Prophets must be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and chosen by God. One of the most important qualities is leadership. A prophet must show others how to make a difference in the world. Prophets need to express their ideas and thoughts verbally, and through their action and loyalty. Another important quality is having obedience to serve God as well as having a deep connection with God. A prophetic person is loyal to truth, confident, giving, has peace with God. They are patient, have Integrity and honesty, humility, compassion, tenacity and commitment, boldness, courage and preparation (Mckenzie, 2014)

(Chryssides, 2016)

Old Testament Prophet

My chosen prophet is Jeremiah. Jeremiah lived from 645-570 BC and he lived in Anathoth. He wrote the book of Jeremiah and his 2 main messages were to “Change your lives and stop doing evil! (Jeremiah 25: 5) and treat others how you would want to be treated (Moen, 2017). Jeremiah went to wealthy people’s houses and tried to get them to understand the importance of treating everybody equally, that in the Lord’s eyes we are all the same. Jeremiah wanted people to understand that just because you were wealthy and had a big house, did not make you better than anybody else (The book of Jeremiah Introduction). I thought Jeremiah was a very inspirational prophet as are Lucas and Nic. Jeremiah treated the poor as good as he would treat anyone else and so do Lucas and Nic so they defiantly have similar qualities.

(DeVaney, 2008)

Scripture Passages

(Jeremiah 22: 3-4) “I, the Lord, command you to do what is just and right. Protect the person who is being cheated from the one who is cheating him. Do not mistreat or oppress aliens, orphans, or widows; and do not kill innocent people in this holy place”.

(Jeremiah 22: 13-14 ) “Doomed is the man who builds his house by injustice and enlarges it by dishonesty; who makes his countrymen work for nothing and does not pay their wages”.

(Jeremiah 22: 15-17 ) “Does it make you a better king if you build houses of cedar, finer than those of others? Your father enjoyed a full life. He was always just and fair, and he prospered in everything he did”.

(Jordan, 2013)

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By Alex Rushton


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