Tynker Mobile Apps Getting Started!

Step 0ne: When you open the program you will see this screen.

Choose Workshop

Choose "Workshop"

Step Two: Then choose "Blank Template"

Step Three: It will open with the character "Cody" on the stage!

Step Four: See the 3 icons around Cody?

1. The rubbish bin icon deletes him

2. The pencil icon allows you to change his properties

3. The code icon allows you to program him! Choose the code icon to enter the coding area... He comes with some preloaded code.

Pre-loaded code for Cody!

Step five: Time to run the code and see what it does! Press the play icon in the lower right hand corner of the coding window.

Press the red stop button to return to the coding area

Step seven: Tap on the White bits (Parameters) and change them...

What happened?


Step eight: Change the number of seconds in the wait block

Press play... what happened?

Remove the wait block?

Step nine: Tap the three dots next to Cody to Access the drop down menu

Tap on properties to open it up

See cody's different "costumes" ? That's how you animate a character!

You can add different costumes or looks and even add sounds and see what happens! (To return to the coding area tap the cross in the top right hand corner)

Step Ten: In the coding area highlight the stage icon

Tap the three dots next to it to access the stage properties.

Step eleven: Choose properties, then add scene.

Choose a theme and a background!

You will be returned to the property window and will see your background there. (Click the cross on the top right hand side to go back to the coding window)

Step twelve: press play to see your background on the stage!

Time to get creative!

Creativity is fun!

Try other backgrounds! (Go back to Step ten)

Be brave and delete Cody's code! How?

In the coding window, drag his coding blocks to the left of your screen, back into the block area.

Try re-programming him!

Drag him around the stage with your finger!

Have fun experimenting.


Come join me!

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Any enquiries regarding accounts /subscriptions or support should be made directly to the relevant company.

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