Colombia Andres, alyssa, Mariah, Don'Quez, Ananda

Routina diaria

¿Que hora es? "Que meaning "what", "hora" meaning "hour or time", and "es" meaning "is it," so ¿Que hora es? add minutes to the hour use the word y (and), for example "es la una y cinco." To say afternoon times. Example "son las cinco de la tarde,"

To describe time in a past tense say ayer (yesterday), anoche (last night). describe something that will happen in the future use el mañana (future), mañana por la mañana (tomorrow morning), or pasado mañana (the day after tomorrow).

Colombians type of clothing is different than say us from North Carolina. As influenced by the cultural diversity that are found in different regions of Colombia. People who aren't familiar with the natives dress code can tell what region a local is based on the way they dress.

Their Fashion sense also lets them wear accessories with what they wear. These include the la pollera colora, ruana and sombrero vueltiao and the ruana is a cape-like piece.

Knowing the body parts in specific language

Being able to speak in correct terminology of the any language is important for business. Our product will be used by police officers that are in missions to collect information and they will have a device on their helmets arriba de la cabeza to record audio. As our product will only be used by officers they will be inside the helmet hidden so that no one can see and run off.

Que son los beneficios de hablar el español? More than 530,000,000 people around the world speak Spanish. With it being the second in spoken languages around the world. Financially speaking our country Colombia is rank 27th in the world in GDP. So it's perfect for our product to be made there so it can be use by Colombians. And being a bilingual business will allow us to reach different markets.

Colombia is fighting la guerria which are rebels that don't like the government there and want to fight for control. They are very dangerous and do criminal activities like murder, and the creation of drugs so our officers would go in and raid the place to collect video with the helmet so that there's evidence of the wrong doing.

Lasers, cameras, eyes

An example is laser is a device that generates an intense beam of light, which are used mainly in crime scenes. Also knowing when to use lasers play a risky role. Because the evidence may take a long time to recover. Laser technology is enabling forensic scientist to capture accuracy of the big picture.

The camera is another item used in investigations usually to take photos of the evidence and crime scene. Like explained before used for pictures and also videos. Most cameras have the options of pictures or a video. But more than likely investigators have both, due to advance technology.

The eyes part mean eye witnesses. Those who were there at the scene of the event. They hold what occurred in their brain as they saw the actions unfold so they become key to investigations. Those eyes can capture what happen at that specific time while the other things can't.

Process of collecting and analyzing evidence according to CSI protocol and regulations.

The collecting of evidence is a careful procedure that has to be done correctly. Each little bit of evidence is separated from evidence that would contaminate it as a contaminated evidence piece would be no good.

While analyzing the evidence you have to make sure that you don't tamper, or contaminate any of it and wearing gloves, a lab coat, and safety glasses helps as this covers you up from getting the evidence contaminated. Example in the show Hawaii Five-0, whenever Steve McGarrett finds a piece of evidence someone has missed, he makes sure he has gloves on to pick it up. He carefully inspects it and makes an assumption that it may have been apart of a weapon or have DNA on it. And then gives it to someone who will take it to the lab and further inspect it.

The CSI protocol is that when police get to the scene, they block it off from the public. After being secured the evidence is split in two; testimonial and physical. The evidence can determine who was there during the act of the crime. The scene has to be photographed, evidence taken from there.

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