French Immersion in Perigord, France June 02, 2020 to June 11, 2020

Day 1 - Bordeaux / Sarlat-la-Caneda

Arrive in Bordeaux airport (ETA to be precised). Greeting from your driver and departure towards Perigord region and Sarlat-la-Canéda.

Enjoy lunch on the way to Sarlat. Arrive in Sarlat at the hotel La Couleuvrine situated in the center of the city.

In the evening, join Isabelle for a welcome briefing followed by dinner at the hotel.

Day 2 - Sarlat

After breakfast, day at your own leisure in Sarlat, and free lunchtime. Enjoy two optional excursions

Optional excursion 1 - English guided tour of Sarlat

Sarlat was a prosperous town from the 16th to the 18th centuries, but after that, too far removed from the main stream, like the sleeping beauty, it fell into lethargy for nearly 150 years, to wake up again only some thirty years ago when road transport supplanted river and railroad as means of communication. The old facades are now as they were under their magnificent stone roofs and the old quarters have been rescued from their lethargy by a lively and lived-in town. Our architectural treasures are here for your admiration just as the centuries have handed them down to us. Today your are invited to discover a town of serene beauty that you will not forget, where you may wish to return, or even settle.

Optional excursion 2 - English guided tour of La Roque Saint Christophe troglodyte site

Halfway up a cliff stretching 87 yards high and half mile long, La Roque Saint Christophe is located in the Dordogne at Peyzac-Le-Moustier, between Les Eyzies and the Lascaux caves of Montignac. Here, man began occupying the site as early as prehistoric times, at the base of the immense limestone wall; in medieval times, a fort and troglodyte city took shape here. The surprising tour will enable you to understand the configuration of troglodyte dwellings. Kitchens, places of worship, ingenious civil engineering machines that really function: all this is beautifully reconstructed and explained throughout the tour, making this troglodyte village an open book on 55,000 years of human survival. A large-screen 3D projection on the terrace traces the development of the cliff through the ages: don't miss it!

Enjoy dinner at the hotel

Day 3 - Lascaux / Les Eyzies de Tayac

After breakfast, start you French immersion class with a certified French instructor at the hotel

In the late morning, depart towards Montignac by bus. On the way, enjoy lunch in a restaurant in Thonac village. After lunch, visit Lascaux IV Cave with an English speaking tour guide.

There was Lascaux II (famous facsimile of the original cave of Lascaux) and Lascaux III (The Lascaux international exhibition), and now: Lascaux IV, or “Centre International d’Art Pariétal”. The construction of the facsimile began in October 2014 with the collaboration of the specialised Périgord-based team of Atelier des Fac-Similés du Périgord. This International Centre for Cave Art (Lascaux IV) opened in December 2016 at the foot of the Lascaux hill. The site includes a facsimile of the entire cave - as well as the discovery of cave art from around the world and the Cro-Magnon civilisation - through virtual reality technology. The latest in image and virtual technology is used to enhance this cultural experience. Inside the cave, the temperature doesn't exceed 55 degrees. Please bring warm clothes and comfortable closed shoes.

After Lascaux, visit the National Museum of Prehistory of Les Eyzies De Tayac with an English tour guide.

This museum is at the centre of the largest concentration in the world of sites occupied and decorated by man. It is a unique, incomparable and universal treasure. The testimony of the birth of a civilization: ours. In this irreplaceable place of sharing, you will discover with emotion the furniture of the Lascaux painters, the pencils they used and among the 18,000 pieces presented, many jewels and objects of everyday life show how much this period is more the culmination of the human epic than a return to our origins.

If you would like to see more, visit the Cro-Magnon Shelter. It is a monument classified as a World Heritage Site. After two years of work, it is now open to the public, protected and safeguarded for future generations. The scenographic layout has been designed as a real learning path that is fun and interactive to meet our ancestor.

In the evening, enjoy dinner at the hotel

Day 4 - Castelnaud La Chapelle / Vezac

After breakfast, continue your French immersion class with your French instructor at the hotel

After class, leave the hotel by bus to visit the Chateau des Milandes (Castle of Milandes) with an English speaking tour guide. Before the visit, savor lunch at a local restaurant.

The tour is a wonderful immersion into the life of the castle during the time of Josephine Baker, whose destiny remains extraordinary. It left its mark on the castle, which has 14 rooms where she lived. After the tour, enjoy free time in the gardens. Finally, on the castle's north facade overlooking the Dordogne valley, experience a spectacular bird of prey display with a dozen birds. The passionate falconers take you into the fascinating universe of the birds. A truly magical moment!

Then, continue with a guided tour of the Marqueyssac hanging gardens. Set up on a rocky spur, the park overlooks the Dordogne valley from its high limestone cliffs. It offers one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Périgord. The walk is organised around three routes to reach the Belvedere de la Dordogne, which is half a mile from the castle. This magnificent balcony overlooking the Dordogne at an altitude of 600 feet, 426 feet above the river, reveals an exceptional panoramic view of the entire valley. The box trees planted in the 19th century are the main theme of the walk. They are highlighted with a fantasy full of movement.

Enjoy dinner at the hotel

Day 5 - Rocamadour

After breakfast, continue your French immersion class with your French instructor at the hotel

After class, leave the hotel by bus to Rocamadour. There, enjoy lunch in the village.

Enjoy a free afternoon in Rocamadour where it is said to be a place where miracles happen. With its forget-me-not cliff-side setting, we just don't find it hard to believe! Built on 3 successive levels, Rocamadour is both a place of legend and history where old stone houses, majestic towers and a castle keep cascade off the cliff into the Alzou Canyon. The town below the monastic buildings lies on the lowest slopes. Trimmed with beautiful gold stone houses and lauzé roofs, the main street is entirely car-free and houses a number of charming restaurants and quirky boutiques.

Enjoy dinner at the hotel

Day 6 - Sarlat

After breakfast, enjoy a free morning at the market in Sarlat. This very colorful and tasty market will charm local gastronomy lovers. Enjoy free time for lunch in Sarlat.

In the afternoon, continue your French immersion class with your French instructor at the hotel

Enjoy dinner at the hotel

Day 7 - La Roque Gageac / Domme

After breakfast, continue your French immersion class with your French instructor at the hotel.

After lunch at the hotel, enjoy an afternoon at La Roque Gageac.

Enjoy a “Gabarre” local traditional boat river ride: come and discover 5 of the Dordogne Valley’s most charming châteaux. The Dordogne Valley has witnessed a succession of mythical peoples, scholars, merchants, Lords, religious people and especially the poor, without whom the others could not have existed. On the bateaux Norbert, as the water carries us along, we will introduce you to a surprising concentration of some of the most evocative monuments Périgord has to offer. The audio guides will inform you of the rocks that fell on the village of La Roque Gageac in 1957, the inland water shipping and the life of the boats men and women, the stationary and migratory fish species, river swells and the wars, with the English domination over Castelnaud Château. After that, perhaps you will understand why so many people from all over the world flock here.

After the boat ride, ride the white train of Domme while you enjoy a panorama view of the Dordogne valley, the Old town flowery streets and houses, and sun scorched stones.

Enjoy dinner at the hotel

Day 8 - Padirac

After breakfast, continue your French immersion class with your French instructor at the hotel.

After lunch at the hotel, enjoy the visit of Padirac. Located in the heart of the Dordogne Valley, near Rocamadour, the Padirac Chasm or “Gouffre de Padirac” is the largest underground natural heritage site in Europe. Your audio-guided tour begins with a 103-metre descent underground by lift or stairs, followed by a walk through the caves to the pier, where you set off for a boat ride. The river takes you past the Grand Pendeloque, an impressive 60-metre-long stalactite that hangs over the Lac de la Pluie. Disembarking from the boat, you continue to the Lac des Gours and the incredible Salle du Grande Dôme whose cathedral-like ceiling rises to a height of 94 metres, revealing a multitude of geological wonders shaped by nature over millions of years. Experience an incredible underground adventure! Inside the chasm, the temperature doesn’t exceed 13°C. Please bring warm clothes and comfortable closed shoes.

Enjoy dinner at the hotel

Day 9 - Tasting day

After breakfast, enjoy a bus ride towards a truffle farm in Sarlat. The farm is about 3 minutes from the centre of Sarlat and is dedicated to the summer truffle. Discover the Périgord Black Gold through a clear and educational guided tour during which the mysteries of the Périgord truffle will be revealed to you. The visit includes a video-projection session to discover the different species of truffles, the characteristics of truffle soils, the association of the tree and the mushroom. Then, enjoy a guided walk by the grower in the truffle field where you will go in search of the precious black diamond helped by the Border Collie Prune or by the truffle fly.

Enjoy lunch at a restaurant in Sarlat

After lunch, visit a cellar that occupies a prime location on the borders of the Périgord Noir and the Lot. Enter the vast building to visit the cellar and discover, during a free tasting, the production of 17 founding winegrowers of the cellar. They produce white, two types of rosé and different red wines, including a cuvee aged in oak barrels. After your visit, do not leave right away: 55 yards from the cellar, climb up the Moncalou tower, which overlooks the surrounding vineyards and allows you, in good weather, to enjoy a magnificent view of the Périgord.

Enjoy dinner at the hotel

Day 10 - Sarlat / Bordeaux

Enjoy breakfast at the hotel

According to your flight departure from Bordeaux, transfer by bus to Bordeaux Merignac airport

What is included

  • Transfer to/from Bordeaux airport
  • Transportation during all stay according to the program
  • Hotel 3 stars - La Couleuvrine in Sarlat based on double occupancy
  • French classes at the hotel with a certified instructor
  • All breakfasts
  • All dinners with wine and water
  • 7 lunches including wine, water, and coffee
  • Mentioned excursions and guided tours
  • Entrances at the Lascaux IV cave, National Museum of Les Eyzies, Chateau des Milandes, Marqueyssac Gardens, and Padirac caves
  • All tastings
  • Domme train
  • Gabare boat ride on the river Dordogne

What is not included

  • Guided tour of Sarlat
  • Guided tour and bus ride of the troglodyte site of La Roque Saint-Christophe
  • Luggage porterage services
  • Personal expenses
  • Lunches on day 2, day 6, and day 10
  • Travel insurance ( please make sure to purchase it when you pay your deposit)


$2,995 per person based on double occupancy

$3,295 based on single occupancy

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