LHP Engineering Solutions Consulting Internship Summer 2017


Katie Wray

Second Year Economics and Business Management Double Major

Agenda: Company Mission, Company Industries, Job description, Why, Conclusion

LHP Mission: “With efficiencies in mind, we apply a model-based design approach to create a complete solution. Our expertise paired with our collaborative team spirit and track record of proven, successful applications give us the depth and vision to solve your embedded control challenges.”

LHP Engineering Solutions serves two industries: (1) automotive and (2) aerospace and defense

Others: medical devices and consumer electronics

Job Description: LHP Consulting Intern

Consulting: “Engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field”

The LHP internship will be hands-on, interactive, and consulting focused.

I will learn how consultants approach their projects and effectively interact with their clients while working along side the LHP consultants.

Why do I want to intern for LHP Engineering Solutions

-Different industry, same focus: efficiency

-Gain experience in consulting

-Explore and learn from the engineering industry

-Develop leadership, communication, and managerial skills



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