FUNdamentals Marshland Newsletter March-April 2017

Haere Mai and Haere Ra

This month we welcome in Ryder, CJ, Jhai, Alek & Gregory, Hikurangi, Bella & Kylah, Jaxon, Jasper, Scarlett and their families to our Fundamentals Family. They are already settling in and developing new friendships.

This month we wish a big Happy 4th Birthday to Carter, Rene and Ryan, we hope you had a lovely birthday. In April we say a big "Happy 5th Birthday and Happy School days" to Ryder and Maggie, who are going to be missed by all , but are St Francis of Assisi and Clarkville schools gain as they progress into another chapter of their learning journey.

New families, please keep an eye out for an email that will be sent to you regarding your child's online profile from Educa, once you accept the invitation, you can then invite other family members....this way we can keep you up to date with your child's learning as it happens...

Farewell Ana

We are very sad to announce that Ana will be leaving Fundamentals Marshland as she takes on a new and exciting adventure by moving to Singapore and joining her partner. Ana's last day will be Friday 7th April. While we are very sad, we are very excited for Ana and her new adventure. As a farewell, we will be having a leaving party for Ana on her last day Friday 7th April, the theme is "Mexican!!" We will have an afternoon tea so we ask you to please bring a plate for us to share. So bring your Sombreros and Mustaches and give Ana a farewell party she will remember!


While we farewell Ana Lucia, we welcome Ana's sister Ana Laura on board. Ana Laura will be taking over Ana Lucia's role as preschool superwoman and keeping Claire and Hayley in line. as well as all the cleaning and food preparation duties, and as our lovely Spanish teacher too! We also welcome Pernilla, who will be starting with us as a teacher in training, and will be with us for 15 hours a week. She will be starting in April.

We are currently interviewing for a new staff member to join the Fundamentals team, and you will see a new face, or maybe a familiar face returning, in April, Watch this Space!


We would like to wish a big congratulations to Shannon, Jason, Alek and Gregory on the birth of Sebastian. Alek and Gregory have been very excited and proud as they talk about their new baby brother. We look forward to meeting Sebastian and wish the Stephens family all the best!

Our Programme For March/ April

This month in Group time, we started with a focus of transport that came from the children. They were really interested in cars, trucks and emergency vehicles. When we started to learn about Rockets, this instigated a big interest for the children, which then lead to our focus shifting to space. Now, this month the children have been learning about space, and the planets- what they are called, where they are in the solar system and all about astronauts even aliens! The children have really enjoyed learning about the planets and are now very knowledgeable about the different planets and solar system.

In the gym we have been developing directional skills. working on going over and under, completing challenge courses, following the leader, working as a team and being expressive and creative using their body, equipment and music.This has been a really language rich focus and the children are learning their left and right as well as lots of directional language.

April Focus

Our focus going into April will be "Inside Out" working with the children about emotions and feelings, what emotions we are feeling and how we can describe what we are feeling and socially adapt to what we feel inside, self calming and self regulating. This is a big topic at the moment as the children learn how to articulate their feelings, and describe feelings and reactions to situations, learning to cope and self direct their actions...We have heard from many parents that this is an ongoing struggle with their four year olds, so this topic should help at home as well as in centre.

Here is a link to a reading for you all if you are struggling with your child's behavior and would like some direction or understanding as to why? Emotion coaching is a great way to allow your child to self calm and self direct their emotions...which is the topic we will be following and will be the focus of the Psychologist Parent Education night.

(highlight the link and then right click the "go to" heading...)

Parent Evening

We will be having a parent evening on the 10th April (venue TBC). We have invited Child and Family Psychologist Teracia Gobind to come and talk to us about understanding the behaviours of three-five year olds to help us create strategies that we can use with the children, or reinforce current strategies you may feel are not working. We will send out more information regarding this evening. Please let Claire or Hayley know if you are interested in attending.

Healthy Heart Lunches

Just a reminder that we are a Healthy Heart Center, and we are very proud of our Gold award, so we need to ensure that our lovely Tamariki are having healthy and fulfilling lunches. If you are having trouble with lunches, or need some lunchbox ideas, have a talk to the teachers and they can help guide you with different ideas. please find attached a link to the Heart Foundation website, that has some great ideas for lunches.

Welcome to Nacho!

We are very excited to Welcome a new member to our Fundamentals Family. We welcome Nacho! Our Flemish Giant Rabbit. has settled in very well to preschool, and has made a lot of children very happy. Nacho has been a great support for our children especially when they are a big sad. You will often find Nacho hopping around the playground or snuggled up to the teachers and children. It would be really appreciated if you could occasionally donate any left apples, carrots or Nacho's favourite, Silverbeet. We thank you in advance

Ryder and Melanie were very kind to donate Nacho to us, and we would like to say a big thank you. to the Sullivan family for donating such a cool wee buddy to the family!

If you would like to take Nacho home for the weekend or Holidays, please let us know, he loves to free range out of his cage as long as the area is secure away from roads and other dangers. His cage does fold down but you will need a larger vehicle to transport him and his home!


We have a big pile of lost property clothes on top of the lockers. Could you please have a look and see if any of the items belong to your child. We ask you to please label all your child's clothes so then we can ensure all clothes are returned to you and your child. Thank you.

With the seasons changing and it getting colder, we ask for you to please provide your child with warm weather clothes, jackets and hats. This is so we can continue to take the children outside to learn and explore.

Plastic Bags

If you have any spare plastic bags, that you have lying around, we would very much appreciate any donations. These are used every day especially with wet clothes. Thank you in advance...

Science Alive Under 5 Fest

On Wednesday 22nd March, the children came to preschool feeling very excited!! We were off on a trip to Science Alive with some of the children from Fundamentals Merivale. This was very exciting because we got to go on a big bus to the venue. We left Marshlands and headed to Merivale to pick up our friends, then we were on our way...

Once there we had a quick morning tea while we waited till we could go inside. Once inside we were very excited to see so many different activities and experiences on offer for the child to explore. Lots of children liked building with the big blocks in the construction area. The animals were a big hit, with the ponies, alpaca, chickens, pigs and rabbits. We loved the air activities with the parachutes coming out the top, lots of puzzle tables and the space section which related to our current topic.Lots of hands on learning was happening and it was great to see all the children engaged and interested.. we even had positive comments back about the behaviour of our children so that is great.. Well Done families!

We had so much fun on our preschool trip, and with our Merivale friends. We would like to say a big thank you to our parent helps for coming on our trip, without you these trips wouldnt be possible

A Small Reminder

Just a reminder that the door buttons are for adults only. This is to ensure our children are kept safe. So please refrain from picking up or letting your children jump up to push the outside code buttons and the inside exit buttons. Thank you.

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