Oncologist By: Janelle burd


I have chosen to research a career as a Oncologist. This career interest me because I like to help people, and I like nursing people

Nature of work

Oncologist specialize in the study, diagnosis, treatment of cancerous tumors. Also, they help find a cure and get ride of the cancer

Working conditions

They work with radiation machines, with people young and old, and help cope with pain and discomfort caused both by disease and treatment methods. They always work inside. They work in different locations every day depending on what or who you work for


The company will supply the uniform but you need to pay for appropriate shoes


Training & preparation

Go to school for 15 years to study biology, health, science, chemistry. Need major in science, biology, chemistry. Also, you'll need on the job training to get an idea what it's like on a regular basis.


You earn $ 120,000 to up to $ 473,000 if u work more than a 40 hour week.


I want to move on up to a higher oncologist and earn more money for family.

job outlook

there are 1800 jobs available. This job will be around for the next 15 to 20 years because they didn't find a cure for cancer.

Related occupations

gynecology, pediatric, physician, medical oncologist are relayed jobs to oncology

Accurate or Inaccurate

Determine oncologist accuracy in predicting their advanced cancer patients' life expectancy and correlates associated with accuracy. oncologists are able to estimate their patients' life expectancy to within a year. Accuracy to within a year is associated with higher rates of DNR order completion, advance care planning, and lower likelihood of chemotherapy use near death

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