THE KEYBOARD is a part of the computer consists of a series of buttons that send to the system input:
THE ESCAPE KAYE (Esc) allows you to stop a function or an action.
FUNCTION KEYS are labelled F1 throughout F12. Some programs use these Kay's as shortcuts for common tasks. For example, in many programs, F1 opens the Help file.
THE PRONT SCREN, SCROOL LOOK AND PAUSE/BREAK keys are at the top right corner of the keyboard
TAB KEY is used to create indents in word processing programs
ALPHANUMERIC KEYS the main part of the keyboarde include the alphanumeric keys and the space board.
THE BACKSPACE KEY erases the character to the left of the cursor.
ENTER KEY execute command.
CONTROL, ALT AND SHIFT KEYS are designed to work in combination whit the other keys.
ARROW KEY are use for many different pourpose, including moving the cursor, scrolling a document, and controlling a game.
PAGE UP AND DOWN these scroll a document or a website up or down.
HOME AND END these move the cursor to the beginning or end of the current line.
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