A Visit to the Natural History Museum By: Gilliane Magdael

NATURE ON DISPLAY: I found the butterfly exhibit to be the most fascinating among all of the exhibits at the Natural History Museum. The butterfly exhibit was extremely immersive and filled with extensive knowledge about butterflies. I enjoyed the design of the exhibit--upon arrival it was large, open space filled to the ceiling with butterflies and posters. The butterfly garden was beautiful and buzzing with life all around. The exhibit and the medium in which it was displayed, drew me in causing a much more enjoyable and enriching experience than I expected. My hometown of St. Petersburg has a large art scene with the Dali Museum and many art galleries all over the city, this has instilled a love of museums in me. I am constantly fascinated by the exhibits displace as well as the people that come to see them--the Natural History Museum was no different, it was filled with exciting exhibits and interesting people.

NATURE AND ETHICS: I agree completely with Leopold's idea to "love, respect, and admire" nature. The layout of the museum was very in tune with the content of the exhibits and immersed the museum goer into the various different environments. I found the South Florida People & Environments and the Butterfly exhibit to be the most calming and mesmerizing. I loved the blue lighting and oceanic feel of the sea creatures and aquarium like installation. The exhibits made me think more intently about nature and the world beyond my daily life, which often I forget about. I constantly forget about the beauty that the world has to offer beyond lecture halls and dorm rooms, the museum reminded me that I should go outside and explore nature more.

NATURE AND THE HUMAN SPIRIT: The museum definitely reignited a curious flame inside of me--it made me want to go on a roadtrip and get lost in nature. I've always been fascinated by the world around me, this experience made me want to pursue more adventures outside of my normal city bubble. The museum made me remember and understand further the importance of exploration and scientific curiosity because it drives insight and intelligence about the mysteries of the world around us.

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