Compared to the Toronto Audio Fest this year, Lemay audio presented a relatively modest system (under 100,000$) at the 2019 Montreal Audio Fest. Nonetheless it was no slouch.

On the contrary, reviewers thought it was one or the best sounding room at the show.

The loudspeakers were François Lemay's favorites, the Kef Blades 2

Cabling and power management by German manufacturer Inakustic throughout

Digital sources comprised a Baetis Audio Reference X server and a T+A 8 DSD Converter

Amplification was handled by the Tenor Audio 175S Stereo Amplifier

The whole system including the loudspeakers rested on Modulum anti-vibration platforms

On music by Verdi and Handel, the sound was dynamic, impactful, layered, and replete with dramatic tension that swept me along as I held my breath. Captivating! Owner François Lemay told me later that the music was from Tidal, streamed over the hotel's wi-fi. My jaw dropped.

Salon Audio Montreal / Audio Fest 2019 Show Report part 2

Show report by Rick Becker

I thought this room was very well put together, ranking as one of the Best Rooms.

It was a real pleasure to hear the KEF Blade Two for the first time. I've heard the larger Blade on a couple of occasions with mixed results. Driven by a superb Tenor power amp, the music here was, well, superb. François Lemay was one of the original people at the start of Tenor years ago. He confided in me that even in a small room he still prefers the larger Blade to the Two, but price is often a factor for people. Nonetheless, I thought this room was very well put together, ranking as one of the Best Rooms. Lemay Audio, Room 2405.

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