My Ideal Career Job by mallaidh mcgivern 10M

What do I want to do as a career?

I drew up a plan of the different career options which I was considering to do as a career in my distant future. I researched each of my options throughly until I was confident with my choice.

The career path that I am hoping to do as a future career is to become a Performing Arts teacher.

What does the Job Family include?

What skills, qualities and values do I need to become a Performing Arts Teacher?

  • Sensitivity - I would need to be need sensitive to the needs of my students for example if they found it difficult to grasp a dance move I would need to brake it down more slowly and calmly instead of getting exasperated.
  • Flexibility - I must be able to make changes to the choreography, to ensure that each and every student is able to keep up with the lessons.
  • Professionalism - No student likes to be taught by someone who does not take each Performing Arts class seriously. A teacher should be able to show respect for Performing Arts in there in class this is done by the they dress, talk, and interact with the students.
  • Organisation - A Performing Arts lesson does not merely involve going through a random set of choreographed dance moves or random songs. Each lesson should be tailored to accommodate a progressive form of learning. I would have to learn my student the basics, which would then form the foundation for later lessons. I would then put an emphasis on prioritizing the mastery of the building blocks of dancing and singing instead of letting my students do complicated songs and dance moves all at once.
  • Patient- Student's who enroll in a Performing Arts class have varying degrees of skill, and as such, can absorb and learn material at different paces. There will always be students who will learn more slowly than their peers. Therefore I will have to adjust the learning material to accommodate these students
  • Last but certainly not least, Passion to me having a great passion of Performing Arts will continually be in me and therefore will be shown through a positive energy which I will then pass that same joy on to all my young students.

What subjects is needed to become a Performing Arts Teacher?

To become a Performing Arts Teacher I need to study English, Maths and Drama. Furthermore I have to sit my exams in Dancing, Speech and Drama and Singing.

What qualifications are needed?

For to become a Performing Arts Teacher I need to have my GCSE Math’s and English at least grade c or above. Furthermore, you need to have at least 3 or more GCSE’s in any other subject with grade c or above. To study at Bird College, (this is where I hope to go to after my I complete my A Levels) you need two A Levels, it does not specify any particular A Levels.

I also discovered that it is necessary that I need to have at least one vocational dance exam otherwise known as your intermediate exam in either ISTD or RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) these are equivalent to an A Level exams as they provide UCAS Points.

What different Career Paths can Performing Arts lead to?

There are many career paths that Performing Arts can lead you to, some of these include:

  • Teaching in schools and colleges
  • Actor
  • Choreographer
  • Dance teacher
  • Music promotions manager
  • Music teacher
  • Radio broadcast assistant
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Music teacher
  • Screenwriter
  • Stunt performer
  • TV or film director
  • TV or film producer

What does the Job include?

  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Acting

Typical hours worked?

The hours work of a Performing Arts Teacher can vary, if I was working within a school or college my hours would be 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. However, if I decide to open up my own Performing Arts Studio my working approximate working hours would start from 2:30 pm - 9pm Monday to Friday, 9am - 8pm on a Saturday.

How much would I typically earn?

A Performing Arts Teacher would typically earn between £39,000 - £50,000. This is solely based on whether you decide to work in a school/college or if you decide to go self employed. By being self employed I would get to choice my own income.

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