Shannon Fuller Drawing and Painting 1

Contour Still Life
Hallway Drawing 1 Point Perspective
1. I feel like I improved in the realistic aspect of this project. Mainly in the shading area where in the beginning, it doesn't really show any definition in the face. 2. I feel like I still need to improve in the facial proportions and getting my head to actually look like my head shape. 3. I am most proud of the fact that this portrait actually somewhat looks like me.
Where do you see the most artistic growth? I see most artistic growth in my steady hand seeing that it all looks kind of neat, given that it is water color. What are some areas you’re still struggling with? I feel as though I am still struggling with time management, because towards the end I felt that I had rushed a little. What has been most helpful to you in this class? I liked having you do demos before we started a new project that we didn't know about. I also liked how you were always open to questions, and helped anyone who was confused. What do you wish you learned that you didn’t? I wish I had learned how to draw 2 and 3 point perspective, because I know that I struggled with that last year, and I wanted to see how much better I could get now.
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