Seniors say Goodbye to Carlmont dance

What does the spring dance show mean to the seniors?

By Rachel Hunter

In their own words

By Julia Rhodie

Gianna Lagerloef

Carlmont Dance has been the only thing that has stayed constant throughout my high school experience. I have taken this class all four years and you go to that class every single day, and you come together and it is literally a sisterhood. You are with these people until you graduate.

My favorite part about Carlmont Dance has definitely been choreographing all together and then performing that in the show. Even though the shows take a lot of work and are super stressful, especially because it is during AP testing, it is so fun to be backstage together and get ready together and just perform and be together, honestly.

I am trying out for the dance team at Chico. Not continuing dance in college seems weird because I have danced all my life.

Dana Dossmann

Through Carlmont Dance, I have learned a lot about collaborating with people that I would not usually be around. And, I have met a lot of people that I have grown closer to that I would not have met if it weren’t for Carlmont Dance.

I plan on taking some dance classes in the future that are more for fun and maybe less competitive.

Sofia Gialdini

Carlmont Dance has affected my high school experience by giving me a group of people to work with, get to know better, and have fun experiences with like assemblies and dance shows.

My favorite part about Carlmont Dance has definitely been the friends that I have made in the class, especially my senior group. We have all gotten way closer together and I probably would not have gotten the chance to meet some of the girls if I was not in dance.

Sydney Dellinger

My favorite part about Carlmont Dance is having an automatic thirty close friends that I can see around school, I can say ‘hi’ to, and feel comfortable around. And it is nice just having a community where everyone is super accepting and friendly.

Lizzy Hall

Carlmont Dance has affected my high school experience because it has given me the opportunity to perform, especially after I quit competitive dance. It allowed me to still participate in dance, which has been such a large part of my life. It has given me the ability to continue doing what I love.

My favorite part about Carlmont Dance is all of the people that I get to be around and getting the opportunity to choreograph, but also learn from my peers.

I am not planning to major or minor in dance, but maybe I will join a dance club or take some classes in college.

Farewell to Carlmont Dance

By Lizzy Hall

If I had to compare my experience in Carlmont Dance to anything, I would compare it to a rollercoaster ride.

It was filled with plenty of highs, but it was also filled with many unexpected twists and turns. It was a time of constant change among the dancers as well as the teachers.

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