Stop Noah Billings

As I study the old man, I realize that he is dressed for a run. He had a gray big baggy sweatshirt that hung off of his body and bounced with every step he took. His pants stuck to his legs and gripped them like they were hanging on for dear life. The look on his face looked fairly happy, but also as though he meant business. What struck me as odd, was seeing the disconnected stop sign in his left hand and the coffee in his right. The coffee made enough sense after watching him walk out of Noble Tea and Coffee but I still had no answer on the stop sign. The man walked with a sense of urgency, but not too quickly. He had purpose. He bounced lightly with each forward step. There were a few head nods, signaling a “hello” as he passed by families and businessmen in suits. Friendly enough I supposed. As I saw him walk in the direction of the old antique shop, I came to the realization that this man was thrifting. The man was probably off collecting his penny's he'd receive for the stop sign he found on the side of the road on his 6 mile jog.

After further consideration a new idea pops in my mind, this man hadn't found this sign by accident. On his daily walk down the side of the highway, searching for scrap metal to resell, he finds his little pocket of gold(the stop sign). Knowing that these pieces of metal, especially one this big, is worth big bucks in the metal and antique world, he realizes that with the treasure he has just found, he will also be able to afford a hot coffee, something that has been missing in his life since his accident at the old plant before he was let go. His life had been looking down after his wife left him for a richer, younger, more successful man. He shook the feeling of sadness and made his way on the long track downtown Noblesville on this gloomy winter day. He charged into the coffee shop and ordered what he had missed for so long, took a sip and awoke from his long tiredness. He finally waltzed his way out of Noble Tea and Coffee and hurried down to the old antique shop to cash his golden ticket. He was in a rush to receive his new pay. That day was the day he would receive his money for groceries and kids clothing.

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