Five Suggestions for Helping International Students Effectively Use the Writing Center

For students who are navigating the ins and outs of academic writing, the Writing Center is their refuge. A one-stop shop from proposal to paper, the Writing Center is an essential part of every successful student's studies. Following are five ideas that can help professors guide their international students toward effective use of the Writing Center.

  1. The Writing Center has ESL writing coaches who are specially trained to work with international students. These coaches are available throughout the day by appointment. Professors can encourage students to meet with these ESL-trained writing coaches when they visit.
  2. Starting early helps - international students benefit from repeated use of the Writing Center services, from brainstorming to final product. Professors can encourage them to use the Writing Center regularly from the beginning of the term.
  3. Plagiarism is often unintentional. International students may not be familiar with academic conventions related to citation. Professors should spend extra time in class reviewing citation and anti-plagiarism expectations or invite the Writing Center Coordinator to visit their classes.
  4. The Writing Center isn't a proofreading service. They approach writing by looking at the global issues of content, clarity, and organization. Professors should keep this in mind as they review students' papers. Ideally, assessment should focus on the content and on how clearly the students have expressed themselves, rather than on minor grammatical errors.
  5. International students are less likely to ask for help, so the more encouragement the better. Professors can let students know that the Writing Center is an open, encouraging place that welcomes everyone and continue to promote the use of the Wring Center throughout the term or semester.


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