Easy diy's to do at home By: Naila Yazdani

Crafting can honestly never go out of style, especially, when you're stuck at home and can't really go anywhere. To keep yourself entertained, try out these simple and fun DIY's that can maybe cure some of your boredom.

DIY #1: Slime

Slime, to this date, is still a very fun and stress relieving activity for a lot of people. Not only is slime pretty simple to make, you can use a lot materials you probably already have in your house. There are a few different types of slime, fluffy slime being one of the most popular and easy to create. Keep busy and creative and try out any type of slime!

DIY #2: Personalized shoes

You may have seen tutorials on Tik Tok or over Instagram of people designing and coloring shoes. A lot of people actually sell these type of shoes and make money. Take a simple pair of shoes you may have (preferably white) and with markers or paint, design your shoes to your liking. After your drawing is complete and colored, trace around with a black sharpie to make it stand out.

DIY #3: Photo wall

Having a photo wall somewhere in your house is a great way to show off your family and friends and remember the fun times you've had with them. Look around your house for any polaroids and pictures to create this wall. Using tape, stick the pictures together or pin them up next to each other to create a really cool design on your wall that's filled with memories.

DIY #4: Stress ball

Relieve any stress you may have with this simple DIY. There are many recipes that you can try for these and either way, you'll achieve the result you want. Most are made from balloons, but some are from scratch using corn starch, borax and glue. You can add beads and other materials for an extra texture.

DIY #5: Candles

Candles are definitely great for around the house and for your room. Making your own candles is fun, simple and relaxing and not to mention they smell great. There are many different recipes on how to make candles and some require no wax at all which is beneficial if you don't have any type of wax at home.


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