Bladder Cancer By:elizabeth valdovinos,jacqueline alvarez,francisca batres,jose diaz

Who? Affects women and men of all ages but the most affected are from age 19-60+

What is it? A disease or disorder? It is a disease because it can be treated by chemo therapies.

What is the treatment for Bladder Cancer? The treatment of bladder cancer depends on how aggressive the cancer is, this is called the degree of the tumor and also depends on how much it has spread.

Where was it found(country)? The highest incidence of bladder cancer was in the Northern America and Europe; and the lowest incidence is in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Where does it infect your body/animals? It infects your bladder. It can lead to anemia, urinary incontinence which is when you have leakages of urine, or a blockage of the ureters that prevent urine from draining normally into the bladder.

Why does people or animals catch it? Many people or animals catch bladder cancer because of the disorder of food they eat or drinks they drink or something that could also cause someone to get bladder cancer is by smoking a lot.

How does this relate to you ( why did you choose it)? This does not relate to any of us, but we chose it because we were curious about the reasons that causes innocent people to get that horrible disease that could kill you and hurt you.

Are there medications to stop, or is there any prevention? A 2008 study commissioned by the World Health Organization concluded that "specific fruit and vegetables may act to reduce the risk of bladder cancer and yellow orange vegetables, particularly carrots and those containing selenium are probably associated with a moderately reduced risk of bladder cancer.The treatment of bladder cancer depends on the stage of the disease and whether the tumor cells appear low-grade or high-grade and potentially aggressive.

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