holo i ka nalu " living life to the fullest"

Our community is located in Tahiti on oka oka island. Holo i ka nalu means, ride the wave. Here people follow our 10 simple rules. Our goal and purpose to have this community is to not stress about life and live life to it's fullest. Our daily schedule is simple and not hard.

Our Seal: Our seal is the Orchard flower. It symbolizes life. Growing in life and getting stronger. Learning from our mistakes and learning new things in life.

Purpose: Our purpose and vision statement is, to not have to stress about life and to enjoy life. Stressing out about work and school is bad for your health. We want everyone here to enjoy everything in life and to be healthy for as long as you can.

Rules: We have 10 simple rules that you must follow.

Rule 1: Share your feelings and how your day was at dinner. This helps family's bond.

Rule 2: Curfew is at 11:30 pm. Be home by 11:30 pm if your not staying at someones house.

Rule 3: Three hours of school. Can be any time of the day. At least three hours.

Rule 4: Jobs start when you are 16

Rule 5: You will pick your own spouse. Not assigned.

Rule 6: Celebration of life! When it is someones birthday, you"ll have a HUGE celebration. Or if a child is born.

Rule 7: Respect the elders and other people in the community.

Rule 8: No drama. No drama at school or at home. Were stronger if we all work together.

Rule 9: Take at least one surfing class a day.

Rule 10: Always smile and have fun.


8:00: Wake up

9:00-12 School work

12:30: lunch

1:30: Surfing lessons

2:00: Free time

6:00: Time to go home

6:30: Dinner

7:00: Free time

8:30: Get ready for bed

Have to be in bed by 11:30

Government: Our government is not a big strict government. There will be a head chief, man or women. There will also be a committee that helps the chief make decisions. We choose this government because it's nothing super strict. And we want the people to make their own decisions. Not us making it for them.

This utopia will be the best one yet. It's located on a beautiful island. We want the people to make their own choices. We want the people to feel free and not feel like they don't have the right to do anything. We want our island to be relaxed and not strict. The best part is that anyone is welcome! We hope you decide to come join the family here in holo i ka nalu.


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