H2 Task card

A town
To do list

Archeologists- people who help us learn more about human history by excavating.

Rtefacts- things that where made or used by people in the past. They can be really old.

Excavate- to dig

The meanings of the following professions

Anthropologists- they study living people but do it via culture. They help historians with the information they uncover.


Biologist- they study humans, animals and bacteria to gain a better understanding of how the human body works. They inform historians on how things evolved and can show the health of people and animals witch historians can use to discover habits of people.


Philologist- the study languages that historians use. We need these people so we can understand their language and what they spoke about.

Final task

Q1 streets, houses, market squares, shops and even small objects had all been preserved by the larva.

Q2 because the massive down fall of ash killed many people but also preserved them. As the ash hardened and the body's rotted away a cavity was left behind.

Q3 they pored plaster inside the cavity, the statues where revealed.

Q4 historians need archeologists and archeologists need historians. Although they work in different feilds, they both inform us on the past. Historians need Archeologists because archeologists look into the past of the human kind by digging up ruins and artefacts that each tell a story from the past, this information helps historians right up there reports.

By Sophie merrett 7G

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