The Turtle Without a Shell By: Jack Hamrick

Leather back's are the biggest reptile we still have alive today! They're massive size and leathery shell has led them to live to this day, but now their rates are declining, and we need to do something about it, but if we don't they'll go from a living legend to an extinct one.

Society has turned us into poachers, and polluting people. Their most cause of perish is incidental by catch by fisheries along their routes. Leather backs used to have minimal threats, being angry seagulls and killer whales when their big enough.

With modern technology, like satellites, we are now able to identify their routes and times of migration. Now we can now make the fisheries aware of the turtles moving through their area, and lower their risk of perish!

Even though we are able to aware these fisheries they might be stubborn with their dreams for riches to take time to save the turtles. Some fisheries are already making holes in the nets for turtles to escape, but that also means money's escaping too.

However the question has already been asked, Mrs. Candlec says "Are people willing to pay more for shrimp or seafood, knowing some is going towards saving turtles?" So will fisheries choose to save a declining legend, or continue their dreams to riches...


Created with images by USFWS/Southeast - "Leatherback sea turtle/ Tinglar, USVI" • Frontierofficial - "A leatherback turtle hatchling stretching his legs. #animals #baby #turtle #babyanimals #wildlife #CostaRica #beach #conservation #volunteer #volunteerabroad #frontier #frontiervolunteers" • USFWS/Southeast - "Leatherbacks crawling to the sea. Tinglares arrastrandose hasta el mar" • U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/U.S. Fifth Fleet - "HARRY S. TRUMAN (CVN 75)_131107-N-ZZ999-012" • Stay Rad! - "Rocktail Beach Camp, KZN" • AMagill - "Money" • Stefan Baudy - "Question!"

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