KDesigns Mixed media textile designer

I am a multi media textile designer who adores uniqueness and strives to incorporate individuality into all of my creations. I specialise in using the marbling process, with acrylic paint and pouring mediums, to create vibrant free flowing designs with a sense of unpredictability and quirkiness.


I enjoy working with these mediums as the same colours can be used again and again, yet the finished design is completely unique, each piece is different from the last. For me, this is an attractive part of the process because when you tilt the product to encourage the paint to move and expand, it enhances the design.

Acrylic Pouring

Representing the freedom of expression in the design as it denotes within our society, a celebration of uniqueness.

Once an acrylic pour, or marbling design, is completed I take a variety of photographs of the finished designs to consider which parts of the pour will make the best print for the finished product. The photographs are then printed and heat pressed onto fabrics before the material is used to create make-up and/or washbags.

Acrylic Pours
Re-useable Water bottles

Contact details email: kaynicholls444@gmail



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