My City Comparing cities

My hometown is Bucaramanga. This city is very sunny and small, but Santa Marta is hotter and smaller than Bucaramanga. On the other hand Bogotá is the coldest and the biggest of the three cities.

In my opinion the people in Bucaramanga are hardworking, very close to the family and have a strong temperament, but in Santa Marta live the most party people and the most relaxed. In Bogotá the people is always busy and rushed, this city has the greatest diversity of cultures and is also the most industrial.

Now about the food, I think that Bogotá have the best diversity of the food in Colombia. Also in my opinion the food in Santa Marta is better than Bucaramanga, because the dishes are based on a variety of sea food and I love it. However Bucaramanga has the best traditional dishes as mute, cabro, hormigas culonas and arepa de maíz.

In my opinion Santa Marta is more tourism than Bogota and Bucaramanga, because this city has a beautiful beaches. But this opinion change with respecte to other people that prefer go to the coldest city in vacations.

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