Routine A study in the Life of Mona Alkali

Mona, a 20 year old girl, sits on her bed. her back rests against the headrest. a steaming cup of green tea clutched in her right hand.

She has a novel open on her lap. Her eyes eagerly following every line.

The AC was off, but she'd never minded the heat. She attributed it to being a July baby.

Absent-mindedly she plays with her favorite necklace, a white gold teddy bear pendant her grandmother gifted her with, as she hums along to the song.
"Oh, COME ON!! WHO ENDS A BOOK LIKE THIS?!" She suddenly exclaims.

She throws the book away, rolls onto her back and stares at the ceiling.

"My precious child did not deserve this..." She murmurs dejectedly to herself.

The door to her room opens. She lifts her head to face it.

"Are you ever going to stop talking to yourself?" Her mother scolds with a raised eyebrow.

She gives an uncommitted shrug.

"Probably not." she says.

"Anyway," Her mother continues. "Your father called, He wants you and your siblings to go visit him- Bismillah!" she jumps mid-sentence as a light grey cat walks in between her legs.

The cat jumps onto the bed and makes herself comfortable on a random pillow.

"Hey Lily!" Mona coos as she pets the cat.

Her mother clears her throat, looks around the room and crinkles her nose in distaste at the posters on the walls and the general mess.

" And clean up your room before you go." she orders.

Mona whines. "It's not a mess, this is my aesthetic!" she protests.

Her mom clicks her tongue and walks away.

Mona sighs and picks up the book, puts it back in place in her library and picks up the second book in the series.


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