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The Globe Theater was built to present many plays and entertain many people and was unique because of it's construction, audience, and play writers.



Quote: "It was a large, round building, three stories high, with large platform stage that projected from one end into a yard open to the sky. In the back wall of this stage was a curtained off inner stage. Flanking the inner stage were two doors for entrances and exits." (Anderson).

Commentary: The Globe Theater was a very large structure that was very versatile for all genres of plays. The design was very intricate and much detail was put into the construction of it. The theater was very symmetrical and also open to the weather, as there was no roof or ceiling of any kind. The theater was very advanced for it's time. It was three stories high and round with a very large stage. There were many different scenes that could be performed in this theater. The Globe Theater helped pave the way for future theater construction.


Quote: " Globe Theatre , London playhouse, built in 1598, where most of Shakespeare's plays were first presented. It burned in 1613, was rebuilt in 1614, and was destroyed by the Puritans in 1644." (Adams).

Commentary: The Globe Theater was called the London playhouse because it was the most popular theater in London, England at the turn of the 17th century. It faced many hardships such as weather and hostile attacks from warring countries. Like in 1613 it burned to the ground, but was rebuilt a year later, and then in 1644 the Puritans destroyed it. This was the theater that was most important to Shakepeare's plays.


Quote: "It was rebuilt on the same foundation and reopened in 1614...A reconstruction of the theater was completed 200 yards (183 meters) from the original site in 1996, and it officially opened in 1997." (Seidel).

Commentary: The Globe Theater was unfortunately destroyed in 1613, but was rebuilt using the same foundation and reopened in 1614. However, when the Puritans took power they ordered it to be destroyed. Not until 1997, more than 350 years since it was last opened, the Globe Theater reopened to the public about 200 yards from it's original location in London. The amount of time and money that went into rebuilding this theater shows how important it is to both literature and history.

Burbage Brothers

Quote: "The brothers Cuthbert and Richard Burbage constructed the theater in 1599 from the timbers of London's first playhouse, called The Theatre. They erected the Globe in the area known as the Bank side on the south side of the River Thames in the suburb of Southwark." (Seidel).

Commentary: The original people who built the globe by hand were Cuthbert Burbage and Richard Burbage. They used the timber from the original London Playhouse which was called The Theatre. They had to move locations because the neighbors near the The Theatre complained about the noise. The brothers moved everything down river to Southwark where the Globe was built.



Quote: "Unlike today, Elizabethan theater was a rowdy event, and the Globe's audiences were more like spectators at a sporting event than respectful and passive observers. Equally vocal and enthusiastic in their support and their criticism, audience members cheered their favorite actors and threw garbage at those they did not like." (Hager)

Commentary: Today, theaters are a play where people go for classic entertainment without having to worry about screaming fans or rowdy crowds like at a football game, but the Globe Theater audience was exactly that. People that attended the Globe were very loud and enthusiastic about the performers and plays. Some of them cheered and laughed while others screamed in dissatisfaction and resorted to throwing food at undesirable performers. The behavior at the plays were very diverse among the audience.


Quote: "The groundlings, those eight hundred or more people who stood shoulder to shoulder around the stage for the price of a penny, loved a good show." (Anderson)

Commentary: Many different people attended the theater for plays. The groundlings were poor people who went to the plays. The price was as mere as a penny, however it was very crowded and no seats or chairs were provided. The plays were still enjoyable, however not as much as in the viewing boxes that were elevated and with seats.


Quote: "The Globe held 3,000 people, and its audiences were composed of members from all social classes. Lords and ladies, whores and thieves, and barristers, professors, and students, and just about everyone in between attended plays at the Globe." (Hager).

Commentary: The Globe Theater was capable of holding up to 3,000 spectators. Many different people from all social classes attended. The lords and ladies viewed the entertainment from special and private boxes that were elevated above the stage, these seats were the most expensive in the entire theater. Professors and students were middle class and they were either "penny dwellers" or sat in mildly elevated seats that were fairly close to the stage. At the bottom were thieves and whores who were the groundlings, which were the audience members who stood shoulder to shoulder right in front of the stage.


Shakespeare 1:

Quote: "Globe Theatre was an early open-air English theater in London. Most of the great English playwright William Shakespeare's plays were first presented at the Globe." (Seidel).

Commentary: The Globe Theater was a theater located in London, England. It was open-air meaning that it didn't have a roof or ceiling. The famous William Shakespeare presented his plays as well as acted there before anywhere else. This theater was very important with introducing many famous plays that are still performed today.

Shakespeare 2:

Quote: "Its full title is King Henry V . It was written and performed in 1599, possibly the first Shakespeare play staged at the Globe Theater, owned by Shakespeare and his acting company, in the Southwark borough of London." (Seidel).

Commentary: The first play that Shakespeare presented at the Globe Theater was King Henry V. This play was both written and owned by Shakespeare and his company that was located in Southwark, London. This was the first of many plays that were written by Shakespeare and performed at the Globe Theater.

Shakespeare 3:

Quote: "In his own lifetime, Shakespeare heard his lines spoken very rapidly as the action flowed from one part of the several available acting areas to another with no breaks or intermission. The effect was cinematic." (Cook).

Commentary: The actors that performed at the Globe Theatre presented their play very precisely by using many acting areas without breaks or intermissions. They were also very good at flowing different acts and scenes to make the play near perfect. This made the performances very cinematic and desirable to watch which made Shakespeare pleased.


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