Life Hacks You will never be in need again!

Hi, I'm Cate. I'm here as your Life Advisor, filled with knowledge and experience and most importantly, a lot of crazy life hacks. If you stay tuned, you will discover how to: tie a ponytail without a hair tie, clean your teeth without a tooth brush, and tidy your room in less than a minute. Plus a lot more of wacky, weird and totally insane stuff to change your life forever!!!!

So, I know a lot of you, me included, are always stuck tidying your room because of a) your parents making you do it and b) your lack of tidiness. This may seem like an impossible chore, but all you have to do is gather up everything you need to put away and put it in a clump next to your bed. Then, simply move the bed over so that it is on top of the clump of mess. Simple!
Are you ever in that situation where you don't want to/are not allowed to take your phone out but you really want to listen to that awesome music on your phone? Well, most of you probably also have an iPad or iPod and it will, if your apple

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