Norway By: Madison Peek

Handball is a combination of basketball, soccer, and water polo
Fish is the most popular food in Norway because there is a lot of fish in Norway
One of the wars in Norway is the Gunboat War the Gunboat War started in 1807 and ended in 1814
Norway's language came from North Germanic language and they speak Norwegian
Norway's religion is Evangelical Lutheran Church and 90% of people in Norway go there and 20%don't go there
Constriction Day is the most important day in Norway because it is the day that shows freedom

The head of government is the minster

The clothing they were is western-style
There are at least 450,000 freshwater lakes in Norway
Knitting is one of the hobby's in Norway
Norwegians enjoy fishing
The tallest mountain in Norway is 2 .8 meters and there are about 176-200 of them in Norway
The population of Norway is 5.1 million
The national symbol is the lion
You will find caribou in Norway
Norway means Kingdom of Norway
Galdhopiggen is the tallest mountain in Norway. It is 8,100 ft above sea level
In Norway there money is called Norwegian Krone
Freia is Norway's most famous chocolate brand and Melkesjokolade is the most popular chocolate bar in Norway
The most famous artist in Noway is Edvard Munch and he became world famous because of his painting The Scream


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