California Almond Board Hoopla Digital Brief Response

Meeting the Brief

  • Raising Awareness - Through a combination of high impact dynamic units that can house video & bespoke engagement elements we can create a unique user journey that speaks to Jane on multiple levels ensuring maximum cut through.
  • Reaching the Audience - Targeting the Jane audience across a combination of food & lifestyle content overlapped with proximity, contextual, TOD & audience data insight for more precise messaging opportunities.
  • Cross Platform - All creative units are built to run across all platforms & are responsive to adapt messaging to all screen sizes.
  • Maximising Viewability - All our units are designed to maximise viewability opportunities through lighter loads & sticky design elements that ensure messaging stays with the user even if they scroll past the original ad slot.
  • Brand Uplift - With spends of £50k+ Nielsen brand uplift studies can be included as value. These can be aligned to cover different uplift metrics. The study is launched as a single multiple answer question to users exposed & unexposed to brand messaging.

Creative Concept

Creative Strategy will look to combine effective dynamic impact ads with a blend of targeting approaches including proximity (users at the gym, in store, on train routes at rush hour & office blocks), contextual to relevant article content & audience data for specific interest points. This will allow us to ensure minimal wastage & maximum effect with direct messaging to users in their environment & to their interest points.

Device strategy will also play a key role in this to ensure that we are reaching Jane on the right platform at the right time. e.g. desktop focus during working hours & lunch breaks, mobile focus during the commute, tablet during evening downtime etc.


All approaches listed can be actioned within each ad format listed with the costs plan.

Parallax Scrollers: Within the creative we can simulate parallax effects that bring the visuals to life through user scroll allowing for a longer messaging opportunity.

For California Almonds this can work as a way of visualising multiple applications for almonds into healthy eating plans e.g. as the user scrolls it can display different recipes or meal visuals alongside a constant video. This would vary based on the users location & device e.g. if in the office they are likely to only have limited opportunities & have a focus more on snacking so messaging would focus around snack draw opportunities whereas in the evening or morning commutes they might be looking for inspiration so messaging could be more expansive to exciting meal recipes.

This works best on Page Frames, Impact Inpage & Sticky Billboards but a similar approach can be applied to other formats through swipe/shake rather than scroll.

The below visual is a great representation of what could be done -

Custom Sliders: For a varied audience like Jane a slider or selector creative provides a great opportunity to allow her to personalise her journey into something she can get the greatest value from. The unit would present Jane with a series of choices across the audiences interest points that when narrowed down would present her with a custom suggestion for her interest.

Dynamic Messaging: This will be applied in all creative variations either with a simple messaging structure to a few key focuses or much more detailed for complete personalisation to that user based on their location & the context of their environment. e.g. if on public transport -

If at the gym -

Hoopla's Viewability Solution

Across all of our video based units we enable our bespoke Video Drop feature that ensures video & branding remain with the user even if they were to scroll away from the primary creative. When users scroll away the video drops into the bottom right corner of the page with a supporting CTA banner. Users can click to take this back to the original creative or click through to site.

  • Viewability - 100% viewability is achieved, ensuring your videos get seen.
  • Completion rate - Significant increase on completed views 85% vs benchmark of 70%.

Targeting Strategy

Site Placements (Food):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Site Placements (Lifestyle):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Regional News sites (e.g.,,,,,, etc)

Audience Data: BlueKai: Demographic > Female 25-64, Lotame: Offline CPG Purchasers > Product Segment > Snacks-Trail Mix, Lotame: Offline CPG Purchasers > Product Segment > Snacks-Health Bars & Sticks, Lotame: Offline CPG Purchasers > Product Segment > Snacks, Spreads, Dips-Dairy, Eyeota: Interest > Food Enthusiasts > Vegetarians and Vegans, Epsilon > Lifestyles & Interests > Diet Conscious Households: Likely, Datalogix: DLX CPG > Health Food Buyers > Natural and Organics, BlueKai: Branded Data > Cuebiq > Mobile Audience > Retail > Grocery Shoppers > Tesco, BlueKai: Branded Data > Cuebiq > Mobile Audience > Retail > Grocery Shoppers > Sainsbury's, BlueKai: Branded Data > Cuebiq > Mobile Audience > Retail > Grocery Shoppers > Waitrose, BlueKai: Branded Data > Cuebiq > Mobile Audience > Retail > Grocery Shoppers > Asda, BlueKai: In-Market > Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) > Health & Beauty > Health Food Buyers > Low-Fat Foods, BlueKai: In-Market > Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) > Health & Beauty > Health Food Buyers > Fresh Produce, BlueKai - Media Source > Interests > Sports & Fitness > Running, BlueKai: Interest > Health, Beauty & Personal Care > Fitness > Dieting & Weight Loss, BlueKai: In-Market > Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) > Health & Beauty > Health > Vitamins & Dietary Supplements

Proximity: Gyms, Offices, Supermarkets, Train routes, Health food stores (Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods etc)

Contextual: Healthy eating recipes, fitness, dieting, Health Foods, Post-Workout Foods, Nutribullet Recipes, Food for your Brain, Anti-Aging Foods, Healthy Snacks, Energy Boosting Foods

Format Suggestions

Rich Media Player

The rich media player turns a standard video ad into a high impact fully interactive brand platform that provides brands with guaranteed video completes & high volumes of quality traffic to their site.

  • Bought on CPCV or CPC metric. Loads on click to play of video player, at which point the creative expands outside of the video player either going straight into ad play or can load an intro animation for further impact.
  • The creatives large canvas is dynamic so can interchange between different messaging as the TVC plays out to enhance the videos impact.
  • Can support multiple videos in unit & different engagement features.

Impact InPage

The Impact InPage is an in-text format that when in view expands to autoplay video or can just be animated. The creative pushes the text apart so that the page content isn’t disrupted in any way.

  • Bought on CPCV or CPV Metric. Loads when the user has scrolled minimum of 15% down the page.
  • Ensures messaging gets noticed even if users are viewing on mute allowing for greater resonance & reaction.
  • Social buttons, data sign ups & engagement features can be included.

Takeover Unit

The Takeover unit opens out as a full screen creative on page load allowing for high impact messaging & enticing visuals.

  • Bought on a vCPM metric ensuring the brand only pays for ads that are seen.
  • The Creative is dynamic across all devices therefore ensuring brand messaging is always clear & easily digestible.
  • All units are fully animated, can carry video & other features unique to the product in focus.

Page Frame

The Skin unit offers impact branding that ensures messaging does not go unnoticed. It can run as static, flash or with video & is available on desktop as well as tablet.

  • Bought on vCPM metric (100% visible for 5”+).
  • High Impact visuals for maximum awareness.
  • Slider animation opportunity to allow the user to swipe the creative landscape into different scenarios.
  • Dynamic engagement opportunities to change the creative background based on user interests.
  • Video Wall allows for full screen video to play out in the creative wings.
  • Hoopla's bespoke mobile solution allows for consistent messaging cross device without damaging the user journey.

Sticky Billboard

Our sticky banner inventory can be accessed through all standard display units but offer far superior ad viewability & dwell time to standard placements due to their ability to stick to the page as the user scrolls. Units can display in full from load or partially as per the below where they would come to focus on hover. These placements offer up a much wider variety of storytelling in display units

Snapchat Discovery

Hoopla are partnered with Tastemade & National Geographic allowing us to offer brand takeovers of their discovery platforms on set days.

  • Full screen vertical video (10" in length)
  • Content can be curated around the brand messaging e.g. Tastemade content can be Almond recipe based or Nat Geo can focus on the Almond Drought & it's boom since as well as nutritional benefits.
  • Content curation would need to be done at a premium vs Snapad takeover.


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