Plate Boundaries By: Kimberly hernandez

Divergent Plate Boundary Oceanic – Oceanic

How do they move? the plates move away from each other they spread apart. The Landform/features are mid-ocean ridge, volcanoes and earthquakes. The Geographic Location x 2 is mid-atlantic ridge and east pacific ocean rise and is tension stress.

Divergent Plate Boundary Continental – Continental

The plates move away from each other they spread apart. The landforms/features are continental rift, volcanoes, earthquakes, Its happening the east african rift its tension stress.

covergent plates

Convergent plates boundary are where two plates are colliting large compressional stresses resault if one is an oceanic plate it would sink under the other a subduction trench forms.

Sumatra is at the boudary of the indian- Australian( oceanic) and Eurasian (continental) plates. The indian autralian plate is denser and its discending under the Eurasian one at a rate of 4.5 cm per year. As the plates move towards each other they become stuck. Then suddenly the pressure is so great that of the continental plate breack off creating plate breaks of the continental breaks creating an earth quakes
sometimes the earthquakes are huge. The breaking off of a part of the plate causes the island to rebound up. So much water is displaced that it causes a tsunami. The December 2004 tsunami left about 150,000 people dead and half a million homeless. The quake registered 9.3 and the waves as tall as 100 feet

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