Thomas "i just feel like i need to save everyone to redeem myself."

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I am a strong leader, some may say. I am able to get people to listen to me and do what I say. I have a strong following on the Glade and lots of support. With support comes haters. One of my biggest would have to be Gally, he's been agaisnt me since the day I have shown up on the Glade.

I am willing to do things I shouldn't be doing, but I know deep down are right. I knew I wasn't allowed to go into the maze because I am not a runner, but I did anyways for the sake of Alby and Minho. People would consider that an act of bravery. I would also say i'm quite intelligent. I'm quick on my feet when it comes down to solving teasers and issues. Getting myself out of dangerous situations with a lot of intelligence and a small dash of athletics.

Of course with the good comes the bad, my weak points or weaknesses. I have dived head first in the shallow end when I ran into the maze with Alby and Minho. I knew basically nothing about the maze and I ran in anyways, not the best plan. I also sometimes let my emotions get the best of me. I care a lot for others, and sometimes a little too much, but I definitely let my emotions consume me most of the time.


Exploring the glade


It was approaching the time for the maze to close and shift and the runners still havent returned. Everyone gathered around the maze opening to see where they were and if they have came back or not.

The runners returned, but there was still two missing, Minho and Alby. The doors started to close in and we all knew what was going to happen, they would be lost in the maze for good if someone didnt do something.

I was new here and I figured I didn't have much to lose anyways, Gally hated me and he's pretty important around here. So I did the exact opposite of what every sane person would do in this situation, I ran into the maze.

After lots of screaming at for "killing myself" it came to my attention that Alby had been stung and we had to fix him, he is a major part of this whole mysterious Glade thing, he's been here the longest we need him. Minho had warned me that night was approaching and we needed to get out of the main ways, fast. I wasn't about to just leave Alby here with nobody here.

I heard it, the roaring and I knew what it was, but i just wasn't ready to face the fact that a greiver was right behind me until i felt the thing drool down me. At this moment, I didn't know what to do, I just ran, faster than I ever ran before. This was a life or death situation I wound up in.

I continued to climb on top of the maze and up and down until the maze finally began to shift again and I had to slide right and avoid the maze doors from closing in on me. The doors crushed the griever and we waited till sunrise.

Minho, Alby, and I were one of the first people to enter the maze and return back to the Glade.

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