Seven Leaves Media Toolkit

Purpose: The purpose of this simple toolkit is to showcase the Band, rework the social media presence of Seven Leaves, and increase the overall reach and viewership of the band and their shows. Though ideally you will be using many different Social Media Platforms, in this toolkit I will be focusing on Facebook and YouTube, the two largest and easiest social media platforms to use.

How It Works: Help the band by promoting every event and gig on each social media.

  • Use the guides provided below for social media posts.
  • Crate then connect the bands Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.
  • Try to use the same hashtag across social media platform and even for different gigs or shows.
  • Promote the band's other social media in each post.
  • Link with social media of hte event hosts, and other bands.
  • Livestream sets to Facebook Live and create snapchat stories for eahc event.
  • Use social media posts to provide backstage looks into production and shows.


Primary Handle: @SevenLeavesVT

Event Handles/Partners: @nectarsvt,, @saintmichaels

Hashtags: #SevenLeaves #SevenLeavesLive #LiveFunk #FunkyTime #SevenLeavesVT #LiveJam

Posting: For Posting you want to keep the information short and sweet. You only have 140characters, not including hashtags, so you must be direct with your information. Always include a picture with information in the post as well (See below).


Primary Page:

Posting: On Facebook you have unlimited space to write out any information that you could not include in a Tweet. This is where you want to directly link to the pages of partners; such as the venue of the gig you are playing at, the other bands playing, possibly Saint Michaels, and any other organization affiliated with the post. Even on Facebook you want to use teh same Hashtags as you did in the Twitter post. Also, be sure to include a picture with basic information as well (see below).

Hashtags: #SevenLeaves #SevenLeavesLive #LiveFunk #FunkyTime #SevenLeavesVT #LiveJam

Pre Show/Show Hype

Before each show, you will want to have a schedule of posts on all of your social media.

  • Ideally you will have one post on each media as soon as a show gets booked.
  • Create an event on Facebook and invite all of your followers to the show.
  • A week before the show, you should Idealy have 1 Facebook post, and 2 Tweets. This will ensure maximum spread of information while not overloading your followers with notifications.
  • The day of the event you should have have 1 Tweet before the show/setting up for teh show, and 1 Tweet that you are going on.
  • Another option (which I would suggest) for the show social media posts would be to utilize Facebook Live and Snapchat. A great way to reach out to far more people than are at the venue is to livestream a song or whole set to all of your followers. This wil ldrastically increase social media presence, reach, and growth.

Behind the Scenes

One of the best ways to connect with fans is to offer experiences that they would normally not be able to get. One great way bands have done this in the past is to offer backstage passes. However, one much easier way to give this same sort of access is through social media.

Bring Fans In: One way to go about this is to create posts letting fans meet the band members. Talk a littel about the person behidn the music and give fans a chance to become more personally attached to the band as a whole (see example of image post below).

Snapchat: Snapchat will allow you to very easily make short videos giving fans behind the scenes looks into teh band. You can use your Snapchat story to creat quick clips of teh band setting up for shows, getting into goofy antics, and practicing new songs. This will bring the fans into teh whole process of being a band, providing another experience that connects them and you as well as giving them a chance to see things they never would have before.

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Traynor Gauthier

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