Anna Garcia Death Investigation by: loUIS mARTINEZ

Introduction: It was a hot 92 degree day, and an emergency call came in at 9:45. Doug Greene had called the police because he was worried about his neighbor, Anna Garcia. Anna Garcia's dog had been barking for 2 hours straight. Doug had seen her the previous morning at 6:30 walking her dog, Doug noted she was wearing a sweater even though they were experiencing a heat wave.

Finger Print: Alex Garcia's finger print was found on a wine glass
Blond hair was found at the crime scene, it belonged to Anna Garcia.
The blood found at the crime scene belongs to Anna Garcia. The blood fell at a 90 degree angle, and at the height of a table.
The crime scene investigator's DNA results stated that only her DNA was found on the crime scene, this was confirmed by using the Gel Electrophoresis method. This method splits DNA strands by size and we used this to match the DNA found in the blood and hair, with Anna Garcia.
The unknown substance was simply aspirin, no drugs were found at the scene.
Anna's Time of death was approximately at 7:00 A.M.
The autopsy report showed that there was no struggle in Anna's death, but she had a pre-mortem wound on her right temple. No bruising was on her body, except her ankles were inflamed.
In conclusion, I believe Anna Garcia died under natural causes or an accident. There was not enough evidence to state that Alex Garcia is guilty.


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