All About Me By: Ricardo Briones

My Hero

A person that I admire is my dad. I admire him because he is hardworking, committed, and understanding. I look up to him and respect him a lot.

My Career

The career that i'm aspiring for is a film maker. This can be anything from a film director to a writer. To make my career a reality I have to work hard and be unique. I also have to take all the opportunitiesĀ that I can get.

My Interests and Activities

I like to do many things. Basketball is my favorite sport and I often play it outside and watch it. I also love going to the cinemas and watching movies whenever I can. Sometimes I write stories that I think could make good movies. I have a notebook dedicated to that.

My Favorite Food

My favorite food is the tamales that my mom makes. My mom only makes them for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and on other special occasions. She makes them from scratch and they are amazing.

My Favorite Basketball Team

My favorite team is the Portland Trail Blazers. I have been rooting for them since I was 9 and have been to many of their games. I also have many jerseys of the players like Damian Lillard, CJ Mcollum, and former Blazers Lamarcus Aldridge.

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